20 THINGS every business owner needs to know about SOCIAL MEDIA

How to engage better with customers on social platforms

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Building a brand on social media is on every business’s to-do list. But social media branding is more than just getting fans and likes for your business page and posts. You must determine the right channels for your business, identify metrics, and create a strategy that increases profits.

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  • How to identify social media channels that align with your goals
  • Why having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus page is no substitute for an SEO-friendly website
  • Social media metrics that provide actionable customer insights
  • How text and images can make or break a social media ad

Social media rules change so often that it’s become harder for businesses to catch up with rules on ads, audience reach, website tracking, and other metrics. Boost your online presence with a robust social networking strategy -- download our eBook now!