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We build & maintain websites with experienced WordPress experts

Successful IT company affiliates can…

Successful marketing agency affiliates can…

Successful WordPress company Pronto affiliates can…

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Keeping WordPress updated and optimized is not just convenient, it’s critical!


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Get your custom co-branded landing page to simplify the registration process. Each new registration through your page will automatically be added to Pronto’s system.


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We guarantee payouts no longer than 45 days after sale on all our services via PayPal. If you are a Pronto Customer, we will deposit directly to your credit card account.


WordPress Site Build Showcases

ct weddding group showcase

Connecticut Wedding Group

CCHNC showcase

Central Children’s Home of North Carolina

akai kaeru showcase

Akai Kaeru LLC


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Frequently asked questions

All the sales are handled by our team. We’ll arm you with the collateral to help you ‘Pitch Pronto’, and we’ll do the rest once we receive your lead. We’ll provide you with a glossary of information and links to send to your client, so you don’t have to carry out any of the technical audits.

Submit this lead registration form with your name, email, business name and the URL of your reseller lead. 

Someone from our team will reach out to your client and cc you in the initial introduction email. Your referral lead will then be able to schedule a call with me where we can further discuss the project.

You’re free to attend the call(s), but we prefer to have a Pronto representative managing the sales process to ensure the expectations of the client are tangible, and that we provide an accurate quote based on the project requirements.

We ONLY provide support to websites built on WordPress. To get a WordPress website migrated over to Pronto, let our team know which support plan they need by emailing [email protected]

If your client needs their website rebuilt on WordPress, you know who to call!

We can provide marketing services to non-Pronto clients on a case by case basis.

If you register your lead and leave a detailed message about what services they currently employ with another agency, or are interested in, we will provide a detailed response.

  • Website Builds: 30-45 Days after going live
  • Website Support: 30-45 Days after subscription activated

As a Pronto customer, we will either add a credit to your account, or pay you via Paypal. As a non Pronto customer, we will pay you via Paypal once your commission total reaches $1,000.