Pronto Referral Program: Give $100, Get $100

Our amazing clients have always been the main engine for Pronto's growth. So many small businesses need help with their website and Internet presence, and it's most often a friend or colleague's recommendation that helps them make a decision.

We all have at least one friend suffering from a bad case of ugly-website-itis.

Web support during US business hours is here!

When we surveyed our clients this summer on how we're doing and where we can improve, the number one request was for support during US working hours. This was not news to us, and we've been wanting to do this for a long time. But before we moved forward, we wanted make sure we could get it right.

Troubleshooting contact form notifications

Contact forms are one of the most important parts of a website: helping capture leads, support requests and enhance communication with visitors, so making sure you’re notified all of all form submissions is crucial.

We’ve had a few questions recently from our clients about contact forms, so we wanted to look at some of the issues that pop up with forms, pass on some information and share some best practices for dealing with problems as they arise.

Are you getting the Getty or LCS letter?

For years, Getty has been the go-to agency for images. Within their digital vaults are millions of pictures, snapshots of everything that exists under the sun; the collected work of more than 150,000 individuals, stock photo agencies, and media organizations.

Love at first (web)site

We've all had that feeling.

Somebody you've never seen before walks into a room or passes you on the street, and you can’t help but instantly falling madly in love with them.

Okay maybe it's not true love, but for one reason or another, the qualities that individual possesses draw you in deeper and compel you to want to get to know them better.