Creating a Minimum Viable Marketing Team for Sustained Growth

Podcast 5m EP2 R1

Welcome to the second episode of the $5M Milestone Podcast where we dig into the intricacies of scaling a business to reach $5,000,000 in annual revenue. This week, our hosts, Matteo Trovato and Pierre Mol, engage in a dynamic conversation with Scott Pressimone, a founding member of, to discuss internal marketing accountability, and the balance between outsourcing and in-house marketing efforts.

In this episode you will learn:

– The importance of internal marketing accountability for organizations looking to grow.
– The concept of a “minimum viable marketing team” and its importance in small to medium-sized businesses.
– The critical role of a marketing leader in developing and executing effective marketing strategies.
– The evolution from hands-on owner marketing to strategic, professional marketing efforts.
– The balance between outsourcing marketing tasks and maintaining internal marketing functions.
– Insights on hiring and working with marketing agencies, focusing on transparency and expertise.