6 tips for better landing pages

It’s your campaign’s moment of glory. A visitor, reader, or viewer clicks a CTA, bringing them to your dynamo landing page. The curtain is pulled back, and it’s showtime. The hold-your-breath questions: Does your visitor take action? Do they boo you off stage or yell “bravo”?

If your landing page is clear, concise, and smart, then it's more likely your visitor will take action. However, creating a landing page designed and written with beautiful simplicity takes skill. See the following tips to make your landing pages stellar.

What’s a Landing Page? And Why Make One?

What exactly is a landing page? Though each page you can land upon is technically a “landing page,” generally the narrower definition is the topic of discussion: A single, laser-focused page that’s calling the user to take a specific action (or “convert”). And, as Michelle Lowry’s Buffer post adds, this page is set apart from the rest of your site.

Why are landing pages key for your campaign’s success? Whether you’re orchestrating email signups for a newsletter, downloads for an ebook, or leads for sales, you can use a hyper-focused page to convince and urge the user to convert.

Keep in mind that if you’re making one landing page, you may want to get on a roll. Need inspiration to make more? HubSpot found that businesses that upped their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 saw a striking 55% increase in leads (and businesses getting even more leads with even more landing pages).

Here are six tips to get you started.

Tip 1: Make Access Super Easy

Your landing page won’t convert if no one’s there. Brainstorm how to position routes: How can you segue from your site, newsletter, blog, social media post, or ad?

Keep in mind that your landing page should be siloed away from the rest of your site. If you make the landing page super-focused—and design it without navigation—you may not want visitors ending up there by accident. Strategize your funnel wisely.

Make sure your landing page is responsive and thus mobile friendly. Don’t expect someone hitting your buggy landing page on their iPhone to bother seeking it out later on, when they’re at their laptop or desktop.

Tip 2: Keep Your Visitor Focused

Once your visitor accesses your landing page, keep their attention. Pointedly sell them on your product, service, or other offer. When they quickly see the benefits of surrendering their email and other info, you can sustain their attention to the finish-line: that CTA button click.

As stated in the first tip, you probably want to isolate your landing page from the rest of your website. You get to funnel your visitor to very limited options—and strive to not let them get away. While your visitor can always click away, open a new tab, etc., but you want to dominate their vision. How else can you aid the user’s focus? Stay above “the fold” by not making your user scroll.

Tip 3: Keep Your Game Plan Focused

If you don’t know—and maintain—your CTA’s drive, how will your user know what they’re supposed to do? And how will the user know what to expect as a result after clicking the button?

While you’re still planning your landing page, make its goal crystal clear and keep that goal front of mind. Get great nuggets on executing this in Joanna Wiebe’s free HubSpot & Unbounce ebook.

Drive home the same offer throughout the page. That means the main headline, CTA, and the original hook that got the user to your page need to be in sync. This way you avoid user confusion—after all, why would a user fill out a form if they feel misled or confused?

Tip 4: Choose Wise Design

With smart design choices—from font to color—you can create an impactful experience for your user. Get started on color ideas and landing page design excellence with KISSmetrics’ infographic, such as channeling optimism with yellow and including trust indicators.

See real examples of A/B testing in this post from Unbounce, which analyzed examples from WhichTestWon. Even an “ugly” choice can end up improving conversions, so remember that designing “wisely” isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing.

Tip 5: Compose Compelling Copy

With a focused game plan (see Tip 3), you can draft better copy. Stop distracting your user with unnecessary words, and keep your key benefits in the spotlight.

One step to great copy is knowing how aware your visitor is. How much—and what—sort of information and promise does your visitor need? Based on this concept, this Copyblogger post helps you identify what sort of copy is best for your landing page.

Another step is nailing that button copy. Just saying “submit” doesn’t make what’s going to happen post-submission. You need to be as transparent as possible when asking users to trust and click. Don’t forget the killer, clever quote from Unbounce’s Ryan Engley: “Never Submit”.

Review examples of compelling copy from KickoffLabs for inspiration.

Tip 6: Get an A/B Testing Tool

When you try out different designs, images, colors, and copy on various versions of your landing page, you can optimize your limited real estate (after all, you probably want to stay away from scrolling) and maximize your fleeting window of opportunity due to short attention spans.

Which elements should you test? From your button copy to hero image, Unbounce provides a great list to get you started.

Which tools should you use? Start your research with Crazy Egg’s testing tools’ pro’s and con’s for six leading options.

Simple is not the same thing as easy. With that saying in mind, the graceful simplicity of a landing page doesn’t mean it’s easy to design and implement well. Our team at Pronto is ready to help. Contact us today to talk landing pages—and whatever other website and marketing goals you're ready to achieve.

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