How to Fix the 400 Bad Request Error in WordPress

how to fix 400 bad requst error wordpress

If you’re a WordPress website owner, then you’ve probably come across the 400 series of error messages. 400 Bad Request errors can be one of the most irritating aspects of owning a WordPress website – whether you’re new to the platform or not. This common WordPress error code may not be very descriptive, but if […]

How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Website

how to clean a hacked wordpress website

Preventive security measures are great for securing data on your WordPress website. But what if your site has already been hacked? Fortunately, sometimes the fix may be as simple as removing or cleaning the malicious file. Other times, you might need to clean your database or remove hidden backdoors to prevent future hacks. This post […]

5 Best Elementor Themes for Business Websites

5 Best Elementor Themes For Business Website

Your chosen page builder may be one of the most important plugins you’ll install on your website. Elementor is a popular option that enables you to fully customize your posts and pages via a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. However, not every WordPress theme works smoothly with Elementor. By using an Elementor theme, you can ensure that […]

How to Fix the White Screen of Death Error in WordPress (10 Ways)

white screen of death wordpress

The white screen of death (WSoD) is a common WordPress error. However, troubleshooting it can be tricky since there’s no message telling you what caused it. Fortunately, there are ways to fix white screen of death problems in WordPress. Whether the error was caused by PHP code errors or your site exceeded WordPress’s memory limits, […]

How to Migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce (In 5 Steps)

shopify to woocomerce feature image

Shopify is an excellent choice for new businesses, but as your shop grows, its drawbacks can become obvious. Perhaps you wish you’d opted for a more flexible eCommerce platform like WooCommerce. However, starting from scratch doesn’t exactly sound appealing. Fortunately, that isn’t your only option. You can easily migrate from Shopify to WooCommerce without having […]

8 Best WordPress Maintenance Companies

best WordPress maintenance companies graphic

Running a website is a never-ending job. In addition to creating new content and attracting visitors, you also have to keep up on routine care by running backups and updates. Time spent on the latter is time you aren’t using to improve your site. Therefore, you may be looking for a solution that will enable […]

How to Migrate from Wix to WordPress (Complete Guide)

Wix to WordPress feature graphic

Wix is a good starting point for those without technical knowledge who want to start a website. However, upgrading to a WordPress website will offer more room for growth. Similar to Wix, WordPress allows you to build a website without any coding knowledge. However, it’s an open-source platform with much more flexibility and the potential […]

How We Sped Up 70 WordPress Sites by Up to 234%

optimize wordpress feature image

A well-optimized WordPress website has become a must-have in today’s world. But it’s not only a matter of convenience — your load time can have a serious impact on your site’s overall performance. Google uses page speed as a ranking factor, and the slower your website is, the lower it will likely appear in search […]

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