5 Common Mistakes Made in Industrial Marketing

Industrial marketers are faced with a unique, often counter intuitive audience to which they must promote and communicate their service offerings. In an industry that relies heavily on in-person meetings, tradeshows, and long sales cycles, it’s difficult to stand out for a long period of time. For this reason, whether using tactics learned in another […]

Integrating Customer Satisfaction into a Long Sales and Delivery Cycle

One of the great challenges to sales and marketing efforts in manufacturing companies is the sheer length of the sales cycle. It can take months to close a sale, and sometimes years. It’s for this reason that tactics like inbound marketing that focus on providing value and nurturing leads over time are effective for manufacturers. […]

When and How to Use Video for Manufacturing Marketing Efforts

Now more than ever, marketing relies heavily on visual elements. Video content in particular is a must if you want to reach the 45% of users who watch at least an hour of video every week on Facebook or YouTube. Or is it? That’s the question many manufacturers ask when allocating their marketing budgets. Whether […]

How to Invest in Paid Traffic for Industrial Companies

One of the most significant challenges for industrial companies is finding the right digital marketing channels to generate new, high-quality leads. Especially for small contract manufacturing companies that haven’t previously invested in digital marketing, it’s difficult to know where to start and how much to spend. With the right research, investment, and a strategy catered […]

The Value of Content-Based Marketing in Manufacturing for Your Sales Team

One of the first questions a custom manufacturer or OEM asks before starting a large-scale marketing program is how to measure and ensure success on the sales side. At the end of the day, what really matters is that whatever time or money is invested in a content strategy results in new business for the […]

The Challenges of Marketing to Industrial Engineers

Industrial marketers and sales professionals should not ignore digital channels in their business development efforts. At the same time, the tactics that work for other B2B firms are less effective on non-starters for OEMs, distributors, and contract manufacturers targeting engineers. As a segment, engineers have unique content needs and expectations from the time they spend […]

Top B2B Marketing Channels on a Manufacturer’s Budget

Are you on a tight marketing budget or looking for ways to streamline your B2B marketing? Or perhaps your marketing strategy has always followed certain steps and you’re thinking it’s time to drive things in a different direction. One thing’s for certain. Companies working in the manufacturing industry rely on solid B2B marketing strategies to […]

3 things every manufacturer should know about branding

Branding. Many manufacturers shy away from it, because “Our products will speak for themselves.” Or because “We’re in a niche market, so we don’t need to worry about branding.” But, if you don’t have a personalized message that tells people what you’re all about, you’re not going to stand out. Period. Even if you’re in […]

When Does Social Media Make Sense for Your Marketing Efforts

Designed for engagement with friends and colleagues, social media has evolved in recent years to become a fundamental digital resource for many businesses. In a number of industries, the opportunity to actively engage with prospects and customers alike (sometimes directly on their mobile devices), is extremely powerful. However, industrial companies don’t always see those results. […]

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