The Challenges of Marketing to Industrial Engineers

Industrial marketers and sales professionals should not ignore digital channels in their business development efforts. At the same time, the tactics that work for other B2B firms are less effective on non-starters for OEMs, distributors, and contract manufacturers targeting engineers. As a segment, engineers have unique content needs and expectations from the time they spend […]

Top B2B Marketing Channels on a Manufacturer’s Budget

Are you on a tight marketing budget or looking for ways to streamline your B2B marketing? Or perhaps your marketing strategy has always followed certain steps and you’re thinking it’s time to drive things in a different direction. One thing’s for certain. Companies working in the manufacturing industry rely on solid B2B marketing strategies to […]

3 things every manufacturer should know about branding

Branding. Many manufacturers shy away from it, because “Our products will speak for themselves.” Or because “We’re in a niche market, so we don’t need to worry about branding.” But, if you don’t have a personalized message that tells people what you’re all about, you’re not going to stand out. Period. Even if you’re in […]

When Does Social Media Make Sense for Your Marketing Efforts

Designed for engagement with friends and colleagues, social media has evolved in recent years to become a fundamental digital resource for many businesses. In a number of industries, the opportunity to actively engage with prospects and customers alike (sometimes directly on their mobile devices), is extremely powerful. However, industrial companies don’t always see those results. […]

Marketing Tactics that Don’t Work for Industrial Buyers

One of the most common concerns we hear about digital marketing for industrial audiences is that the same tactics used to sell mattresses and shoes won’t work for custom manufacturers and industrial OEMs. The truth is that many of these tactics can work, when implemented with the target audience in mind. Still, there are several […]

How to choose the perfect time to start advertising your industrial website

Nobody wants to get digital advertising wrong. This goes doubly so for manufacturers who are investing in their first pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns. How do you pick the right keywords? What if a hundred people click on yours ads but no one contacts me? There are answers to these questions below. What is PPC advertising? […]

7 Things to Know Before Building a Manufacturing Website

Once you’ve made the decision to build a website for your manufacturing business, the temptation is to jump straight in, sign up to a hosting company, and build something. But this is often a big mistake. There are several things you need to consider before building your website, and if you neglect them, you could […]

How to Write Content for an Industrial Audience

One of the greatest challenges of developing a marketing campaign for an industrial company is the content. Accurately conveying the intricacies of your products or services while keeping a diverse audience of buyers and engineers engaged isn’t easy. That’s why so many manufacturers avoid content marketing. They’ve either tried it before and had difficulty developing […]

3 Types of Content that Influence the Industrial Buying Cycle

There are many important steps in the industrial buying cycle that the typical sales funnel misses. The early stages of research, data collection, and vendor comparison made possible online are frequently unaccounted for in sales metrics that put a premium on phone calls and in-person meetings. Manufacturers and distributors who successfully extend their funnel to […]

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