The Best SEO Tools in 2023

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With one simple click, Google’s search engine can generate thousands of results. Since 51% of website traffic is from organic searches, it’s essential to seek out every opportunity to advance in search engine results pages (SERPs) for your target search terms. Relevant and trusted sources display first. Content optimization is one way to boost your […]

7 Actions to Keep Your WordPress Site in High-Gear — Webinar Takeaways

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Your business is constantly changing, and your website should evolve with that change. Making incremental improvements along the way will instill an accurate representation of your business online indefinitely. What are those incremental improvements? There are many, but we broke down our top seven actions to keep your WordPress website in top shape. 7 […]

How Much Should You Spend on Digital Marketing in 2023

How much should your small business spend on digital marketing this year? It’s a question a lot of companies are grappling with. In the wake of last year’s turbulent times, many are still finding new ways to adapt to whatever their reality is now. Marketing spend is often one of those items that gets targeted […]

Google AdWords for Managed Service Providers

One of the biggest marketing challenges for MSPs is measuring results and calculating the ROI of marketing campaigns. For instance, SEO campaigns can increase traffic, but tracing a specific lead to an SEO campaign can be extremely difficult given how many variables are at play. Google AdWords, on the other hand, allows you to display […]

An Introductory Guide to SEO for MSPs

Search engine optimization is incredibly important. That first page of Google results is the ultimate billboard for your services but getting on it and staying there is an inherently complicated process that has become significantly messier in recent years. Just about everyone now claims to be an SEO expert, touting some secret sauce recipe that […]

Top 5 Mistakes MSPs Make That Prevent Killer Growth (and how to fix them)

Watch the webinar recording Webinar contents Mistake 1 – Not starting with a plan Mistake 2 – Not knowing your audience Mistake 3 – Working with an ineffective website Mistake 4 – Lack of sufficient activity Mistake 5 – Not measuring success Need help marketing your MSP?See how Pronto’s MSP Marketing services can help.

How to Create Location Pages to Boost Local SEO and Drive Qualified Traffic

Does your company have a brick-and-mortar location? Are local customers your business’s bread and butter? If so, local SEO is an essential strategy for ensuring people can find your business quickly and easily. It generates leads, boosts your reputation in the community, and increases the chances that someone sees your website after searching “[your industry/product/service] […]

Facebook vs. Google Advertising ROI for Attorneys

Finding the right ways to advertise your services can be a juggle for attorneys. If you’re operating without any internal marketing staff, you’re working long hours jumping between client work and marketing at the same time. Hiring a full-time advertising specialist is often out of the question, yet without investing in sales and marketing, you’re […]

Why Choose Pronto’s Website Service Over Wix’s Page Builder?

Our WordPress solution blows away the “Internetainers” Did you know that Internet entertainers are sometimes called “Internetainers”? They keep us Internet masses entertained with cockeyed views on the human condition, comical takes on current events, and, increasingly, commentary on cool technology. Perhaps you’ve heard of Rhett & Link, two such Internetainers whose hugely popular YouTube […]

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