3 Lead Magnets Only a Managed Services Provider Can Offer

Do you find it hard for your company to stand out?  The Managed Services Provider (MSP) industry has become overcrowded in the last five years. So what can you do to take over the competition?   Let’s face it: Every MSP claims to provide the best customer service or cloud back up solution. So sayin’ it […]

8 Effective Blog Writing Tips

Content is a crucial part of building a strong online presence. One of the best tactics for building out your small business content is by writing blog articles. By publishing new blog posts regularly, you’ll get a fresh source of content for your email newsletters and create a lot more opportunities for your website to […]

Professional Healthcare Websites for Medical Providers

This month in the showcase, we are looking at a collection of Healthcare Websites for our clients in the industry that dedicate themselves to the well-being of others. This field is quite diverse, so our teams had a great time meeting the various challenges that these sites had presented. We’ll be examining a provider of […]

How to Rank Higher on Google in 4 Steps

Do you want your website to rise to the top of Google to attract more new prospects? Who doesn’t, right?! You’re reading this post, so I assume you’re motivated to make it happen and you understand SEO plays a key role in getting more qualified traffic. But where should you start? There are thousands of […]

How to Build a Problem-Centric Lead Generation Campaign

The Internet makes it possible to rapidly scale investment in demand generation. Small businesses can create and run ads in a few minutes, targeting prospects with pinpoint precision. But all the tools in the world don’t necessarily lead to a positive return on investment (ROI). You must target the right people, with the right message, […]

6 Reasons Why SEO is Important

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has long been the holy grail of digital marketing. It is the one way in which you can make your brand stand out from hundreds of competitors and build a foundation for long-term success that only grows with time. If your website ranks highly in Google’s Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs), […]

How to Leverage Google Local Services Ads to Grow Your Company

Google AdWords has been one of the most immediate and effective ways to generate traffic to a small business website since it launched nearly 20 years ago. One of its most underappreciated (and underused) features is the ability to launch Google Local Services Ads that target specific people in your area who might be interested […]

7 Essential Content Marketing Tips for Your Business

You want to build your brand, establish your reputation online, and drive people to your site. Somewhere along the line, someone tells you content marketing is the way to go. They’re right. Before we explore the Content Marketing Tips, let’s start with the basics. What is Content Marketing? Content marketing involves planning, creating, and distributing […]

[Video] SEO Link Building: What are Backlinks?

Backlinks (known as inbound/external links from relevant websites) are significant for your site’s keyword rankings. Websites with more backlinks rank higher on the search engine results page. Check out the video below for a deep-dive look at what are backlinks, anchor text, why you need them, and things to consider when growing external links to […]

How to get detailed information on every caller that your website converts

Have you ever wondered where your phone leads are coming from? Good news! With our Call Tracker service you can not only track how many calls originate on your website, but also how those people discovered your site. Today, I want to cover some of the features of Pronto Call Tracker and talk about how […]

Building a Customer Journey Map of Interactions with Your Company

To truly understand your customer’s experience interacting with your business, you need to take a step back. Increasingly, small companies are turning to maps of customer interactions, known as customer journey maps. It’s vital to fully understand why someone decides to buy…or not to buy. Why does someone return as a customer…or move on to […]

Why You Should Use Transparency As a Sales Strategy

After talking to probably 4,000 companies over the years, my biggest takeaway is that people are generally inclined not to try new things for their Sales Strategy. If ever they do, there’s usually a lack of commitment from the onset. And even if the data shows otherwise, many businesses simply refuse to discard ineffective, expensive, […]

3 Questions to Ask to Break Out of a Narrow Sales Mindset

When companies want more leads and more sales, what do they do? They do more. Often it’s more of what succeeded before, without people truly understanding what worked and what didn’t. So they do more of the same marketing and sales. They launch more of the same services and more of the same products. They […]