What is the Best SEO Technique (And How to Take Advantage of It)

You’ve hit a wall. You’ve tried Google Ads, your website is optimized for SEO, and you’ve posted articles on your site. And while these techniques brought in a lucrative traffic boost the last few months, now your results have plateaued. You’re starting to feel defeated. You stare blankly at your computer monitor, lost for answers, […]

How to Setup Effective Google Remarketing Ads

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is one of the largest and most effective advertising networks available, providing access to billions of searches every year around the globe. Among the several types of ad campaigns, you can run on Google’s platform, is a Display campaign with a custom audience that retargets select visitors to your […]

Paid vs. Organic Search – The Winning Strategy

Ever wondered why certain websites appear at the top of the page when you search phrases such as “buy shoes,” “best dishwasher,” or “smartphone reviews” online? Appearing at the top of those coveted search engine results pages (SERPs) is far more than a game of chance. Do you know how to affect where your business […]

Slick IT Websites to Check Out

This month in the Pronto showcase we have three IT Websites. While these companies are similar, their target audiences are not, so we took a unique approach to each site’s design.  First is a business-focused IT services company from right in the heart of Los Angeles. Then we have a friendly neighborhood IT services provider […]

[Case Study] How Wheel & Anchor Went From No Signups to Getting Many Leads

The struggles that many small businesses encounter when entering a competitive marketplace is capturing quality leads and visitors to their website. A product or service can sound promising and enticing to a niche market at the start, but as time progresses, optimism can slowly chip away, and a question now pops-up: “Why is my website […]

The Anatomy of an SEO Spam Message

If you have a website, you’ve gotten a spam message trying to sell you SEO services. The SEO industry is overwhelmed with scammers trying to make a quick buck off website owners who don’t know much about search engines. In fact, these scammers have given the SEO industry a bad name because so many people […]

Hot Small Business Websites WordPress Style

This month we’re taking a look at some Pronto websites that use bold media and carefully crafted combinations of design and content to convey emotional messages to readers. This helps brands communicate much more effectively than just listing out benefits. We have a managed IT services company from Wisconsin, a company selling robotic lawnmowers from […]

Why Fresh Content is King and Critical for SEO

Anyone who has worked alongside or has otherwise interacted with a digital marketing expert or SEO specialist is almost certain to be familiar with the oft-repeated saying that follows: “Content is King.” Although most have heard the phrase on more than one occasion, not everyone is familiar with its origin or its longevity. Perhaps it […]

5 Tactics for Using Social Media for Marketing

Social media is a poster-child for digital marketing. The average American uses it for more than two hours per day, and billions are spent every year on ads that are hyper-targeted based on location, demographics, and specific interests and activities.  This makes Using Social Media for Marketing a very attractive tool for small businesses that […]

Unique Business Websites Worth Exploring

We are jamming this month with some fresh Business Websites that have the right stuff to make visitors continue browsing. In fact, Pronto recently designed some sites and selected four because of their uniqueness. One MSP company knocks out IT-related problems, and they have some testimonials to prove it. An Australian IT services provider has […]

The eCommerce Website: 4 ways to do it

To build an online store you need to use the right platform, but which platform is right for you? There are many options, all of which offer different approaches to building your store. If you are an eCommerce novice, it isn’t easy to go through all the technical jargon to find the right platform — […]

Why I Left Squarespace for a Managed WordPress Website with Pronto

I moved my wife’s business website from Squarespace to Pronto Marketing after a year of being on their popular self-starter web platform. Her name is Drew; she owns Chartered Wellness, a holistic nutrition consultancy. My name is Aron; I am her unpaid digital marketing intern by night, and by day, I am the Director of […]

Interview with link building expert Brian Dean

As a website owner, you’ve almost certainly been spent spam messages by someone trying to sell links and promising top rankings in Google for all of your keywords. We definitely don’t recommend working with any of those spammers, but it is important to understand why links are such a crucial part of any SEO strategy […]