Ads for lawyers: All you need to know about running Google Ads

Google Ads for Lawyers

Google Ads can be a valuable part of your lead generation strategy. After all, the quickest-growing law firms are the ones that excel at online marketing and advertising, not necessarily the ones with lawyers who went to better law schools. Unlike organic SEO, which takes an extended period of time to show results, if done […]

IT Firm Jumps Up Google Rankings with SEO Campaigns

IT Firm google seo campaigns results

An IT firm from Kansas City subscribed to Pronto Marketing’s fully managed SEO service in order to improve their search engine ranking and attract more leads through a well-coordinated link-building campaign. Background Complete Technology Services caters mainly to small and medium sized firms and provides a ‘complete’ offering of hardware, software and IT services. Campaign […]

Law Firm Marketing Strategies: How to Grow Your Practice in 2023

law firm marketing strategies

Are you looking for a resource to help you put together an effective digital marketing strategy for your local law firm? You’re in the right place. It’s said that in 6 out of 10 firms, the attorneys handle marketing themselves. As you run the business, most of your time is spent on operations and handling […]

How to Get Profitable Testimonials for Your Business (6 Tips)

profitable testimonials feature image

Did you know you can increase your revenue by up to 62% just by properly using customer testimonials? Many businesses appreciate the value of feedback, but few know how to get testimonials from clients. Fortunately, it’s easy to get positive feedback from your happy customers. In this post, we’ll cover what high-value testimonials are and […]

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