5 Cool Fitness Websites That Gym Owners Would Like

5 Cool Fitness Websites That Gym Owners Would Like

You might think that Fitness Websites are all the same because they are just trying to get people into a gym. But these days, how a customer gets fit is just as important to them as the end result. 

The fitness market is broad and diverse, so Pronto’s teams work hard to carve out niches for our clients and amplify their brands with carefully crafted website builds.

This month, we have a high-performance fitness center in Houston, an exercise equipment distributor based in Atlanta, a gym chain near Austin that teaches youth gymnastics, a Philadelphia-area fitness club with a younger client base, and a fitness club with locations across Mississippi.

You got this! Just one set of five! Let’s go!

Fitness Websites

1. Facet Seven

Facet Seven website build by Pronto Marketing

Facet Seven is a club that caters to people for whom exercise is a way of life. Their high-end facilities host classes of all kinds, one-on-one training, and physical therapy.

Since they offer bespoke fitness experiences instead of the “fitness free-for-all” offered by the big gym chains, we had to ensure their website conveyed luxury and quality.

A simple but bold aesthetic coupled with imagery that highlights their effective group classes immediately shows visitors that this isn’t your average health club.

Look your best online with a WordPress website by Pronto

2. Fettle Fitness

Fettle Fitness WordPress website by Pronto Marketing

This company provides high-quality exercise machines and equipment to fitness facilities across the United States.

While they occupy the same industry as the other Fitness Websites on this list, the B2B nature of their operations presented a different set of challenges that Pronto has a wealth of experience meeting.

Our writers’ crafted copy that concisely highlights the effectiveness of their machines as well as the benefits that the potential customer will enjoy, such as higher brand loyalty.

Since the Fettle Fitness is ultimately centered around products, our engineers made use of a variety of advanced features and plugins to allow customers to get a quote directly.

3. Rascals Fitness

Rascals Fitness website design and management by Pronto Marketing

Rascals Fitness has a clear target audience: younger customers looking for a more casual approach to group class fitness.

Not everyone wants to put up big numbers on a crossfit board or pump iron until they cry, so Rascals offers a fun, friendly atmosphere where people can get fit and look great without all the yelling.

Because of their target audience (and their location in a town literally called “Collegeville”), it was pretty clear that we needed to use a brightly colored theme and as many images of young, attractive gym-goers as possible. 

Our writers are all capable of generating copy in a variety of tones for a myriad of purposes, but luckily, some of them already fit the target audience so it was that much easier to create engaging content.

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4. AcroTex Gymnastics

AcroTex Gymnastics' website design by Pronto Marketing

Since this company offers gymnastics classes and camps to children of all ages, the target audience for this fitness website is one of the trickiest to appeal to: parents.

Pronto needed to make sure we balanced focusing on fun, safety, and world-class instruction to show this demanding demographic that AcroTex is the real deal.

While at first glance the website may seem simple because of the bright and colorful design, we actually had to take great care in what we said and how it was presented, because we knew that visitors would be paying exceptionally close attention. 

The result is a website that not only puts parents’ minds at ease, but also gets them excited about their children’s fitness.

5. Club 4 Fitness

Club 4 Fitness website by Pronto Marketing

Unlike the other gyms and clubs thus far, Club 4 Fitness wants to attract everyone who wants to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. From their 20+ locations throughout Mississippi, they serve customers across the entire spectrum of athletic ability.

Making a website with a broad appeal is not as easy as it may sound. In addition to attracting potential customers, Pronto’s team also had to be sure that we didn’t scare anyone away, whether they are fitness fanatics who aren't satisfied with the challenge or casual gym-goers who are turned off by excessive intensity. 

The result is an easily navigable website that has something for everyone without excluding any potential customers.

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