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How to integrate your WordPress website with ConnectWise

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As a busy business owner, you have endless to-do lists and wear many hats. It can feel like it’s just too much of a hassle to keep track of everything, especially when it comes to leads, sales, and new customers.

We were once in your shoes, which is why we have good news for you: you no longer have to manually create contacts, opportunities, tickets, or log activities. No more keying in a company’s name letter by letter. No more having to keep track of which user already exists in your database. All you have to do is integrate your WordPress website to the free ConnectWise plugin.

ConnectWise makes life a lot easier for MSP businesses like yours, helping to automate workflows, ensuring centralized access to customer information, and providing real-time visibility into prospective clients.

Typical MSPs don’t get hundreds of leads a day like a consumer brand, but the leads you do get are potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars over a customer’s lifetime. So ensuring that no leads fall through the cracks is critical. The plugin makes sure each lead collected is always captured in the system. In fact, the only downside worth mentioning is the process involved when integrating the platform with website contact forms, which is something that has to be done manually, until now.

If you’re already a Pronto client, we can help you integrate your website forms with ConnectWise for FREE — simply send us a ticket in our help desk and we’ll have you up and running in no time. If you’re not already using our service and would like to know more about the plugin, you can easily download the plugin here and we’ll explain how you can still integrate your WordPress website with ConnectWise below.

How connecting your website forms to ConnectWise works

Once installed, you can configure each form to match your workflows in ConnectWise. This means by default, each feed performs a contact and company lookup where you now have the option to create an opportunity, activity, or a service ticket.

Every time a form is submitted by prospects, instead of having to add contact form entries to ConnectWise manually, the integration will perform an email lookup to see if that contact already exists, and if it doesn’t, our plugin will automatically create one.

create new contacts

Similar to contacts, the integration will only create new companies if one doesn’t already exist in your system. You can then have each form create an opportunity attached to the newly created company where you can attach one of your Marketing Campaigns to trigger better workflows.

create activities and opportunities

Not only that, but you can also create new service tickets which captures form data in the ticket’s description field. This allows you to customize your support form the way you want it while still receiving all the information you need.

create new service tickets

Having to add information manually to a database is one of the biggest pain points of MSPs. With the existence of tools like ConnectWise, you can now manage your CRM, leads, forms, and sales activities in a much easier, efficient, and time-saving manner, and instead, focus on a more highly prioritized project.

P.S. If you don’t have a WordPress website, then Zapier is a great alternative solution.

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