Stylish Legal Websites for Lawyers

Stylish Legal Websites for Lawyers

Pronto has grown a lot in the last few years, and we’ve welcomed many new clients outside of the IT industry, the market in which we made a name for ourselves. This month, we’re looking at some Legal Websites we made for our clients in the private law industry, and how we helped them shine. 

First, we have an insurance defense firm from Toronto, then a risk management firm based near Detroit, followed by a law office specializing in family and personal injury law in the Seattle area. Finally, we’ll see a site for a company in Louisville that provides tools and support for trial lawyers.

Take a look!

1. Black Sutherland, LLP

Legal Websites

Black Sutherland is a high-powered law firm operating in the heart of Old Toronto. They have a strong reputation in the Insurance Defence Litigation field, so their website needed to convey authority as well as a rich history.

To accomplish this, Pronto used a dark, sleek, and bold design with consistent imagery of the city of Toronto. We also heavily featured the attorneys themselves as reputation and accolades are more important than smiling customers in Black Sutherland’s sector. The result is a website that reaffirms what visitors have heard about this top-tier firm.

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2. Baker-Hopp, Inc.

Legal Websites

Now, we go to the other end of the spectrum and look at Baker-Hopp, a firm that has been serving the Detroit area for over 100 years! Instead of doggedly defending clients in cases, this firm helps companies navigate insurance law and provide benefits for their employees. They provide valuable insurance and employee benefits solutions as well as consulting services. 

To highlight this focus, our design for their Legal Website is friendly and inviting. Our imagery conveys their client-oriented business approach and accentuates the trust they have earned over their many years of service. To maintain their position in their market, Baker-Hopp must be seen as a thought leader in their field that people can rely on for knowledge, so Pronto was careful to make their information-dense website easy to navigate.

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3. Buckingham, LaGrandeur, & Williams

Legal Websites

This law office provides personal attorney services to clients in Seattle and the rest of the I-5 corridor in Western Washington state. They specialize in family and personal injury law, so their legal office’s website needed to be directed at individuals rather than corporations.

Visitors to this site are likely going through tough times, so Pronto’s bright, open, and hopeful design pairs with imagery and copy that assures potential clients that this law firm understands what they are going through. We also included knowledge resources on family and injury law and arranged it so that legal novices, the majority of BL&W’s clients, won’t get overwhelmed by jargon.

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4. Power Presentations, LLC

Legal Websites

While not a law office or firm, Power Presentations is still a key member of the legal industry in Kentucky because they provide solutions and support for lawyers at every phase of a trial. The company’s solutions are largely technology-based, Pronto’s teams were happy to be able to apply their IT marketing experience to this site.

Since Power Presentations shares many similarities with an MSP, it was a simple task to arrange their many and varied services and solutions concisely without confusing visitors. And thanks to our experience with our other legal clients, we were able to convey authority and reliability in both the IT and legal fields with well-informed copy and efficient design.

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Closing Arguments

If your legal office’s website needs an overhaul to attract more clients or you don’t have one yet, contact Pronto today. Our diverse experience means we can help you reach more potential clients regardless of what space you occupy in the sector, or what kind of law you specialize in. We also offer a wide array of additional services for Legal Websites if you want to revamp your whole marketing approach, the site included.

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