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[Webinar] MSP Marketing Engine Announcement

We're super excited to announce our Ready-to-Go MSP Marketing Engines. In these packages, we've bundled together our most impactful marketing programs and provided some significant discounts to them.

Whether you're just looking to improve the conversion path of your sales funnel or you want to attract more visitors to your website, we have a package that fits your needs.

In the webinar below, Scott and Tim discuss how the MSP Marketing Engines work and the benefits they can have for your business. You can also learn more through this PDF document.

If you're already a Pronto client and are ready to get started, you can sign up through the links below:


Video Transcription:
Tim: Welcome to the MSP Marketing Engine Webinar. My name is Tim Kelsey and I'm joined today with Scott.

Scott: Hi. I'm Scott Pressimone, the senior marketing consultant here at Pronto.

Tim: To start off, we'd like to give you a little bit of background about Pronto and the unique position we're in to understand the marketing challenges that MSPs face. For those of you that don't know, Pronto was founded by a father and son team, Derek and Cory Brown. Derek originally came up with the idea for Pronto while he was working at Microsoft. During his time there, he worked very closely with a lot of MSPs around the US and around the world, and he saw a lot of them struggling with marketing execution and managing and maintaining their websites. That's really where Pronto started was as a way to help MSPs do a better job of promoting themselves online.

We talk to MSPs everyday. We've been working with MSPs for years and we hear all the challenges that you face with marketing and we are really building our services around attempting to solve those challenges for you.

In our little timeline here, you can see that over the years, a lot of the services that we've offered are focused on MSPs and a lot of them have come about because clients like you have come to us and said, "Can you take over my social media?" or "I need help with SEO." We go then build a program and start offering it. We have a lot of experience working with MSPs and a lot of experience marketing for MSPs.

Now, a bit about the challenges that MSPs often face and we have a few examples up here. One is that you're likely flooded with SEO spam emails and contact form submissions. We get them all the time, too. It's people promising things, outrageous things for very cheap cost and say that they'll be able to solve your SEO problems for $100 or even less. There's also really low quality freelancers like the image here in the bottom left corner comes from a website [Fiverr 00:02:19] where they're selling amazingly cheap services and you're getting hundreds of links for that. The problem with this is that if you're paying $5 for SEO, you're only going to get $5 in value. Don't expect that to solve any of your problems.

Even when you do find quality people to work with like the profiles here of freelancers that I found through Upwork, it's still a struggle to work with all these different people and coordinate with them. You have to deal with a graphic designer and a writer and the email guy and the SEO guy and the AdWords person. It becomes a lot of work just to manage all those different relationships and really where we wanted to come in and help was by being a trusted source and one single source that you can go to for your website and your marketing needs.

Scott: As Tim pointed out in the timeline, over the years, we've really grown our marketing services. Much of that growth has come organically based on the feedback that we've received from you. Each marketing service offers a very specific benefit because we were aiming at solving one specific problem with one service, but what you end up with here is a bit of the confusion that we're trying to avoid, right. There are so many services and it really begs the question where do I even start with this? Which service is going to get me results? What's going to get me leads, right?

The honest truth is there isn't just one thing. There's no magic bullet for marketing, especially when you have a lot of competition who would love to get their hands on that prospect as well. You've got to do a lot of things and you've got to do those things well, but rather than thinking in terms of services, let's take a step back and think about your prospects and how they're exposed to your business.

Tim: The way that we really like to think about structuring services and structuring a marketing strategy is by mapping it to your sales funnel. For those of you who aren't familiar with sales funnel, it's essentially the process that your prospects go through on their path from knowing nothing about your business to becoming happy customers who are helping to promote your business even further through word of mouth. Really, there are different marketing channels and tactics that fit into each of the stages here to help push people further along the funnel from each stage. They go from strangers and you attract them into your website and push them along this process of turning them into clients. We'll go through each of these stages in a little bit more detail so you have a clear understanding of what's going on in each one.

In the attract stage, what you're really attempting to do is take people who haven't heard about your business, haven't visited your website and bring them into your website. It's about spreading brand awareness and drawing in those new visitors. This is often accomplished through things like SEO where you're drawing people in through search engines. AdWords is also through a search engine, but it's a form of advertising on search engines or you might use something like custom blogging, which helps with SEO and also helps with brand awareness in establishing yourself as an expert in the IT industry.

In the convert stage, these people are on your website and, of course, once they're on your website, you want them to convert into leads. You want them to take an action either by filling out a contact form or placing a phone call to you directly. There's a couple things that help here. A lot of it depends on the website itself and building a clear conversion path for those visitors to follow, but there's a few things that can help here like offering an ebook in exchange for their contact information. That way they feel like they're getting something valuable out of giving you their email address. There's advertising platforms like retargeting that allow you to display ads to people who have already visited your website.

Scott: Now, once you've got the lead, it's time to close them so they can become a happy customer. This will primarily be the responsibility of your sales team, but as you probably know, we include a monthly email newsletter service with your managed website with us, which can be really helpful at warming up your leads and showing your authority and credibility. What we're doing is they know about you, they've entered their contact details, they've maybe downloaded an ebook or a white paper from your site and those individuals might not be quite ready to close into customers, but just by sending those email newsletters on a regular basis, it's keeping you in the front of their mind so that when they're ready to make a decision, they know who to call.

Lastly, once you have your new customer, your team can delight them with quality support and proactive service, which will inspire them to share their experiences with their network and, hopefully, get you a few new referrals. The cycle then continues from there. As you had your happy customers sharing a positive feedback about you, then you maybe have a referral program and then that inspires them to promote your business to new people who are now strangers to your business and, again, they then need to move through your sales funnel as well.

Now, that actually we've gone over what a sales funnel and how it's important, it ties into how Pronto can really help with this and areas that we can help. We've developed ready-to-go MSP marketing programs that focus primarily on the attract and convert stages. These are the stages that take strangers and help convert them into leads so that your team can turn them into happy customers. What we've done is we combined our most popular add-on marketing services and created programs that function across multiple marketing channels and work together with each other. Not only that, these marketing programs can actually save you money because it's combining multiple programs together for some cost savings.

Tim: Right. As Scott mentioned, we've taken what we've found to be our most helpful services and combined them into packages here that work to accomplish various tasks. We've grouped them into three packages starting with the Essential Package, which primarily focuses on the conversion path through your website. This is perfect for people who are already running their own marketing campaigns outside of Pronto and just want to shore up or plug any conversion holes that they have in their website through offering eBooks or through launching a retargeting ad campaign or if you just want to make sure you have the fundamentals covered on your website, this is great for that as well where it's just making sure that your site is in the optimal condition for visitors who arrive there to have the best opportunity to convert into leads.

Of course, just having that great conversion path isn't always enough. As were mentioned through the sales funnels, you need to be attracting visitors in. With the Plus Program, we add in our advanced SEO program and our custom blogging program and to help improve your organic search performance. Then in the Pro Program on top of that, we increased the strength of the advanced SEO that we're doing, you're getting more blog articles per month and we're throwing in Google AdWords through doing some advertising there. All of this still has the Essential Package in there, the conversion path on your website. It's really working towards building this holistic marketing package for you that's covering organic, content, advertising and conversions on your website.

Scott: Now, here's just a simple summary of that because obviously, we're showing you a list of services and everything that's included in each program, but the goal here isn't to confuse you with a whole bunch of names and titles and services lists, right. It's to actually think of this in a much simpler way. Again, as Tim mentioned, the Essential Program is the minimum that you have to do in order to make sure that people that are visiting your site are taking action. Plus Program is there to start driving people to your site in addition to that and the Pro Program is there to get even more aggressive by stepping up your SEO and adding AdWords to the mix.

The thing that Tim didn't touch on too much is the savings that come from this. We're actually waiving all of the setup fees that you would actually pay if you bought the services individually. If you got AdWords with us, AdWords takes a long time to set up. We do have to create a whole campaign, there's a lot that goes into it. The setup for that is $800 alone. Whereas if, for instance, you're really ready to get started and get aggressive with things, the Pro Program wipes that [whole off 00:11:51] the board along with the other startup costs and the monthly price goes down as well. As you can see, you save between $25 a month up to $300 per month depending on the program that you go with.

Now, the other thing that you'll notice on this page is that we have a call [in care 00:12:09]. We're going to be going into more details about each tactic that we're using in these programs, but I just want you to know here if you're not quite sure, you're like, "Hey, I'd really like to talk more specifically about my particular case," we're always happy to jump on the phone with you, talk through the programs with you in more detail. You can just go to and that will be directed to Tim's calendar and my calendar, and we'll jump on the call to talk about this in more detail, but for now, let's go ahead and dive a little bit deeper into each marketing tactic that we're using.

Tim: Yeah, so as Scott mentioned, we'll get into these different tactics in a bit more detail here. One thing I'll note is that the next few slides that we'll go through, there's a little table you can see at the bottom that lets you know which of the packages this tactic is included in. With retargeting, it's included in all three packages. In some of the later slides, you'll see it in just the Plus and Pro or in the case of AdWords, the Pro only.

A bit about retargeting, this is a form of advertising that allows you to display banner ads to people who have already visited your website. In short, if someone comes to your website, they visit a few pages, but they don't fill out a contact form and then leave, your ads will start displaying to them as they browse other websites around the internet. This could be anything from the New York Times to just some small blog about their favorite hobby. That person might then click that ad, come back to your website and, hopefully, we convert them. It's really great that it gives you this second chance at converting and capturing leads who didn't convert on their initial visit. It's also really helpful for you that it allows you to stay top of mind after their initial visit. We'll come and they'll start seeing ads for you and one of those ads might trigger a reminder to them and say, "Hey, I did mean to go back and talk to them and learn about the services that they offer."

Scott: Next is the ready-to-go MSP ebook. I mentioned earlier that it's very important to capture contact information from the people who visit your website. With the ready-to-go MSP ebook program, we create a nice branded ebook for you, which can be offered to your visitors in exchange for their contact information with their email address. With this program, you'll get a new branded ebook on a different subject that's relevant to your target and that'll come out every three months. We'll also make all the relevant updates to your website in order to promote the ebook every time a new ebook is released and we'll even manage the email campaign to announce that ebook to your current email subscribers.

There are a few other things that we can do in addition to that, too. For instance, if you're using our email newsletter service already, we'll add a nice section to your newsletter to promote the ebook. The whole thing is that it's not just an ebook. That provides enough value, but it's in addition to that, it's all these other pieces that go along with it, which can really help make it be more effective.

Tim: Next, we'll jump into our social media program for MSPs and this service is really meant to cover the fundamentals of your social presence. We'll make sure that your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ all look professional, are well designed and we'll keep them up to date by posting eight new status updates per month. On top of that, you can send us as many additional status updates as you like so if you had a company outing or a community service day and you have some pictures that you took at those events, you're welcome to send those on over to us and we'll get them shared for you and craft a few posts about them.

Scott: Now, here we're visually showing what call tracker does. What call tracker does is it allows you to find out where your leads are coming from. Let's say that you're sending out your monthly newsletters. You're staying active on social media and you could find through your website analytics how many people are clicking on your emails or on your social media posts, but which visitors are actually picking up the phone and calling? Call tracker shows a unique phone number to each visitor of your site so you can identify which marketing channel or what pages on your site are inspiring users to call. This could be hugely valuable because this data point can help illustrate which tactics are working well and which marketing tactics could be improved to inspire more phone calls.

Here, we have custom blogging. You probably know that your Pronto MSP managed website service includes syndicated blog posts to your site at no additional cost and those blog posts are a great way to get started, but they aren't going to be super specific to your business. With custom blogging, our team will work directly with you and your team to create unique blog posts that are more specific to your location and to your target market. Not only will this make the blog posts more engaging and relevant to your audience, but since it's unique, it can also help with SEO and your long-tail keywords, which essentially boost your keyword rankings and can drive more traffic to your site.

Now as you can see at the bottom here, the custom blogging is not included in our Essential Program, but it's included in the Plus and Pro Program, but there's a slight difference here. In the Plus Program, you get two blog posts per month and in the Pro Program, you get four blog posts per month.

Tim: All right, moving on to our advanced SEO program. This tactic, of course, focuses on improving your performance in search results and we primarily do that through building links. In short, links are a really important factor that search engines look at when they are determining rankings for their keywords. Search engines look at these links from other websites pointing to your website and see them as votes of confidence in the quality or authority of your site. The more high quality links you have pointing to your site, the more likely you are to rank for your target keywords. This is a really important tactic to be using in your marketing. As I'm sure a lot of you know, search is a very important part of drawing people into your website, getting found when people are looking for you.

With this one, it's included in the Plus Program and in the Pro Program. Again, as with custom blogging, there's a bit of a difference here. In the Plus Program, you're getting two links per month. In the Pro Program, you're getting four links per month and on top of that in the Pro Program, those links are even stronger. They're coming from more powerful websites.

Primarily, the tactic that we use for building these links is through guest blog posts where we are publishing an article on another website and having that article linked back to your website. Google then finds that published article, sees the link and gives your site a little boost and in the long run as these links start building up and you're getting more and more of them, your rankings start going up and traffic start going up as well.

Lastly, we have our Google AdWords Pro Program. This is an end-to-end service where we're doing everything from preparing your campaign, doing keyword research, writing ad text and then, managing the campaign after it launches. For those of you who are unfamiliar with AdWords, these are the links that appear at the very top of the search results and they'll typically have a little green ad icon next to them. When you see that little ad icon, it means those people are paying to have their link displayed there. If someone clicks on one of those links, that company then has to pay Google for that click that they received.

As I said, we'll manage this campaign end to end for you. We do ongoing reporting and optimization and continually work to make your ads even more effective. This is one is only included in the Pro Program so, it's really for those who are ready to go all out and push their marketing to that next level.

Scott: We've gone through really all the tactics we're using in these programs and just to reiterate here, there's the Essential, the Plus and the Pro. We're always happy to answer any questions about the programs, about anything else to do with marketing.

Tim: With that, thank you so much everyone for attending today. Feel free to email Scott or I directly or schedule a call with us. We're happy to jump on the phone, go over any details with you or talk about what your business is doing today and figure out which of these packages would potentially work best for you.

Scott: Yeah, appreciate the time, for you guys taking the time out today and look forward to speaking with you soon and getting some of these marketing efforts going for you.

Tim: Thanks everyone. Bye-bye.

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