Customers Define Local Search

It used to be that when we wanted to find a business, say a computer repair centre, we would look in the Yellow Pages for shops that are close by. That era is gone, now we use smartphones and social media. If we are in San Francisco and want to find a repair centre near us, we search for one on our device e.g., Computer Repair Centre San Francisco.

Are Your Customers Happy Campers?

Any business owner knows that the customer is king. Customers are the reason a company exists. One of the most common reasons businesses fail is because they fail to keep their customers happy. Once you lose a customer, the cost of recovery could be up to six times the cost of acquiring the customer in the first place.

Your Internet Presence and Building New Leads

A few months ago Google released Google Analytics 5 and set it to the default version for all Google Analytics accounts. Not only is the user interface sleeker and more bubbly, but this update included some amazing new tools as well. Tools like Visitor Flow, Webmaster Tools integration and Content Drilldown can give you a wealth of insight into visitor behavior - but we’ll be focusing on a couple of tools that provide data on goals and conversions, and what that data tells us about your overall Internet Presence.

5 Signs of a Search Engine Marketing (SEO) Scam

SEO is only getting more complicated. As a website owner, it’s hard to balance all the aspects of your Internet Presence and often, SEO can be a major time sink and constant source of concern. You’re plagued by questions like, “Which updates will have the greatest SEO impact for my site? Which Google algorithm updates do I need to worry about?” When someone comes along and says, “Hey, I can take care of all of this for you,” it’s easy to just say yes and shove another item off your plate.

The Basics of Link Building

A few months ago, we touched on some of the technical reasons why inbound links are so important to Google's search algorithm. Today, we'll be discussing a few ways for you to build new links to your site.

Google is constantly changing the way they determine rankings.