10 Tips to Make Your Company’s Reputation Management More Positive

As an entrepreneur, it's up to you to make sure that your company has the best Online Reputation Management possible. This sounds like an easy enough idea, but the actual execution of it is more complicated. Plus, the pressure is now higher than ever to avoid a poor brand image because everyone with a smartphone is able to instantly broadcast a negative opinion on social media and review sites.

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How marketing can help consultative salespeople close more deals

The sales game has changed. Nowadays, sales’ role is more than just to “close the deal” as fast as possible. It’s about nurturing and understanding what your prospects want and need in order to build a good relationship, provide value, and ultimately ensure a good fit over the long-run.

Why your brand’s online reputation matters

The reputation that your brand has online, matters. The time, effort and funds you put into online marketing and advertising should not only be aimed at making sales or getting subscribers but building and protecting your brand's reputation.

Consider this; you carry out an online campaign and it is successful in terms of sales, users signing up for a webcast, bookings to visit your facilities, newsletter subscriptions or other actions you were targeting.

Connect with Influencers to Spread your Brand Awareness

Marketing is all about getting your brand in front of a larger audience, and in particular, an audience that would potentially be interested in signing up for your services or buying your products. What if you could have a group of influential people within your industry promoting your brand for you? That’s exactly what influencer marketing aims to achieve.