Back to branding, or: the recent SEO trends we should all be happy about

Google has been the online trend setter for the last decade. Years ago, their algorithm defined SEO as being based on keywords and incoming links. However, updates to the algorithm like Panda and Penguin (more on these later), have shifted the value away from individual keywords, low-quality inbound links and other SEO tricks, and placed it back where it should be: the content itself.

So you think you’re ready for your first webinar? Follow these five stellar tips!

I like to say that, "Everyone who hasn't been a part of a webinar is a webinar virgin." Unfortunately, I found out the rather painful way that I was not the exception to this rule. At the time, I was working for a multi-billion dollar semiconductor company in Silicon Valley and played a relatively insignificant role in our Strategic Accounts Department.

Make Marketing Decisions Based On Ground Conditions!

In out last post we talked about not switching marketing horses in midstream, and now we are looking at the other side of the coin.

There are always two extreme points of view on both sides of every issue, but the truth usually lies in the middle. While you don't want to change your IT marketing plans willy-nilly, you also don't want to keep going the same direction when there’s evidence that it's not working.