A Beginner’s guide to effective lead generation

Many small businesses have difficulty finding clients, no matter their field or whether they sell directly to individuals or to other companies. One of the things that keeps new businesses -- even those with innovative services or great ideas -- from getting off the ground is their inability to find their market niche and to make themselves visible to potential clients.

Generating More Leads for Your Business than You Thought Possible

When it comes to running a business, no matter how big or small, marketing and advertising is oftentimes the biggest challenge. Promoting the business you’ve worked so diligently to create may seem like a daunting task, but the worst mistake a small- and medium-sized business owner can make is to be nervous and tentative when it comes to the marketing process.

Analytics—Ignorance Is Not Bliss

When it comes to big data, analysis is a necessity. Many people make the assumption that ignorance is bliss because they don’t have to deal with the data that is being stored on their server or elsewhere. However, being able to obtain the right level of analysis will allow you to get more information for your business and make more effective decisions that can ultimately prevent catastrophic failure as well as to improve the bottom line.

Undeniable Proof That Your Small Business is Ready for AdWords

No matter how incredible your SEO is, there are always a handful of other sites at the very top of the results page. The only thing that sets these rankings apart from yours is the word “Ad”...and investments in Google’s AdWords platform.

Before you write off paid search ads, consider that they make up roughly 95% of Google’s total revenue!

Is it time for you to jump into paid search advertising as well?

As of 2014, the web advertising industry weighed in at a whopping $117.6 billion.

What’s your search engine strategy? Paid vs. Organic

Unless your business has been operating in the digital dark ages, you will know that to get ahead in business is to get noticed, and that one way to boost your market profile is to create an effective online presence.

Once you look the part and have a dynamic new website you then need to shine out in the search engine result pages (SERPs) so that all your greatness can be found by your customers.

Pronto is now a Google Certified Partner

We’re excited to announce that we’ve recently been awarded Google Certified Partner status which is reserved for companies that have demonstrated excellent knowledge about and implementation of Google products like AdWords.

We’ve always maintained that as a business owner, you’re better off focusing on your business rather than dealing with the nitty-gritty details of online marketing channels like advertising or SEO. That’s why we have a team of experts on hand for you to rely on and that’s exactly why we took steps to become certified as a Google Partner.

Brain Tricks – Is Native Advertising Designed To Trick You

Do you remember the first time you mistakenly clicked on a “native” ad thinking it was content from your favorite website?

How did you feel? Tricked? Disappointed? Like a fool? Did you feel good? Probably not. Did you want to buy the product whose ad led you away from the latest news about upcoming elections or your favorite singer? I know I didn’t. So why is native advertising so popular and what are the ethics behind this often misleading style of ad?

They work psychologically.