Pronto has taken the mystery and uncertainty out of our website and eCommerce. Their responsiveness is amazing”

Ziglar Legacy Ambassador,

Our technology is built to keep your business running

World-class infrastructure is built to scale no matter how much traffic your site receives.


Peace of Mind

Built with WordPress, the most popular and supported site building platform on the web


First-rate Features

Get access to 100s of tried and tested WordPress plugins, APIs, scripts and tools


Managed Updates

Fully managed WordPress upgrades - We'll take care of all WordPress upgrades behind the scenes


24/7 Emergency Support

Our infrastructure team are always on hand to deal with urgent issues


Expert Team

Dedicated engineers keeping our platform running smoothly


Scales to the Next Level

From your first sale to your big Google Ads campaign

Platform Partners

We empower your site with all the latest technologies and Website Plugins.
Here are just some of our integrations and partners


Getting into the Technical Weeds


Weekly backups that are stored for 3 months

24/7 - 365 uptime monitoring

We use Uptime Robot to continually monitor your website. Any downtime is directly sent to our team to investigate and resolve

Running 6 servers

Our platform uses multiple servers in different locations to deliver your site

State-of-the-art Redundant servers

Secondary servers are ready to take over if our primary servers go down

5 Regional Data Centers

Data is replicated across multiple physical locations, which means your content is safe in the event of disaster

Built using AWS’s highly available and reliable infrastructure. Distributed DNS servers help ensure a consistent ability to route your end users to your site

“Always on” caching

If disaster strikes and both primary and secondary servers go down, a cached version of your site will show, while servers are down

Using NGINX & Varnish

We use these industrial standard tools to improve the performance, reliability, and security of your website.

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Frequently asked questions

Which data center provider hosts Pronto’s platform?

Our hosting provider is Amazon Web Services, an industry leader that hosts some of the largest applications on the Internet today.

Where are your servers located?

We have 5 Regional Caching Node locations positioned around the globe in North America, Europe, Singapore and Australia. Our primary data center is in Dublin, Ireland.

Why WordPress?

We chose to build the Pronto platform on the popular open source CMS WordPress which powers more than 20% of all websites on the Internet. WordPress provides a great framework for Pronto to build high-performing websites that look great and are easy to navigate. WordPress is also a great framework for our development team to build tools that enable you to manage your marketing initiatives

What’s your uptime?

We have an exceptional uptime record and boast 99.99% up time most months - see for yourself on our platform status page. Our platform is continuously monitored and our infrastructure team is on call 24x7 for support to ensure that if there’s a disruption it’s quickly resolved. For more info subscribe to our Operations Blog.

What security policies do you have?

Security is something we take very seriously with our platform. We’re hosted in a private Cloud behind a continuously maintained firewall and we keep all of our OS and application versions up to date with the latest security patches. We also have dynamic IP blocking, SSL administration, strong password policies, and key file system monitoring for threat detection.

Is my website backed up?

It sure is! We perform full system backups every day to ensure that we have the data needed to perform a complete restoration in the unlikely event of a disaster.