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M D Iverson Group


The M D Iverson Group began out of the desire to change the industry by reshaping the very essence of how agent/broker’s interact. Mike Iverson believes that clients have rights and the most basic right of every client is the right to transparency and has instilled this fundamental belief into the M D Iverson Group. We believe you have the right to know now only what your agent/broker is paid, but to question your agent/broker about every aspect of your choice. You have the right to ask any question and to request your agent/broker to prove which options are best. We believe our worth is not derived from a free game of golf on the good days, but through preparing you to be able to respond and recover on the worst of days.

M D Iverson Group specializes in providing customized insurance solutions and consulting services for growth-minded companies and high net worth individuals. At a time when most insurance firms are trying to sell you their “box of insurance products”, M D Iverson Group has chosen to be different. Our goal is to design custom solutions for your specific needs and our independence allows us to help you evaluate all of your insurance options. Whether it is the use of traditional products or a variety of alternative options such as self-insurance, captive vehicles or a host of other options, it is our desire to help you evaluate what makes the most sense for you.

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