Be the Result that Google Wants to Rank

SEO is an acronym that means search engine optimization. These are techniques that mainly help your website to become more visible to people looking up for your products, services or brand in organic search results by use of search engines such as Yahoo, Bing or Google.

Using Google Analytics as your marketing data center

There have been some subtle but very important changes to Google Analytics (GA) over the past few weeks. While all the same functionality remains, Google has added some new reports which make it clear that they plan to take Google Analytics from a general traffic analysis tool to a more robust and holistic marketing analysis platform.

Analytics Keyword Not Provided? Unlock Your Data in Google Analytics

Knowing what users search for through keywords is an essential and valuable tool in your box of SEO goodies and can steer the content and creation of your online business. Have you delved into your keyword report in Google Analytics only to find your most prized and most popular keyword is (not provided). Potential useful data is locked out with no obvious access to it.

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Why Marketing Campaign Monitoring and Analysis Is Essential

Unless your product or service is something that is able to sell itself, you will need to come up with marketing campaigns that will promote it and, by extension, your business. But the work does not stop there—you still need to identify the effectiveness of your campaigns as well as trace customer behavior for future improvements.

Google Analytics Custom Alerts: The Five Step Setup

When it comes to analyzing your website statistics, there are few programs that can touch Google Analytics (GA). With its ability to review website performance and online campaigns by tracking goals such as sales, pageviews, lead generation and downloads, it is surely one of the most useful tools for marketers.

How To Measure Social Media Success (for Beginners)

Measuring the impact of social media campaigns has always been difficult. In a world where people can learn about your business from a huge number of channels, social media tends to be overlooked in favor of mediums that have an easier to calculate ROI - like ads, email campaigns, or to a certain extent, SEO. While the exact ROI of your social media efforts might remain as elusive as the jackalope, there is plenty you can do to help determine if all that hard work is paying off.