The eCommerce Website: 4 ways to do it

To build an online store you need to use the right platform, but which platform is right for you?

There are many options, all of which offer different approaches to building your store.

If you are an eCommerce novice, it isn’t easy to go through all the technical jargon to find the right platform -- So we have done it for you.

How to supercharge your email marketing with PPC (and Vice Versa)

Email is one of the most effective marketing tactics at your disposal. In terms of ROI, it outpaces almost any other tactic, generating $38 for every $1 spent. It’s no surprise then that the content marketing institute reported that 93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute content and engage with prospects and customers.

5 Steps you can take to align marketing & sales on their lead goals

You’ve made it! You’ve finally grown your business enough to the point where you have both sales reps and one or a few people coordinating your marketing efforts. In the beginning, it was only you, wearing all the hats, which was crazy but you also had visibility into everything.

How marketing can help consultative salespeople close more deals

The sales game has changed. Nowadays, sales’ role is more than just to “close the deal” as fast as possible. It’s about nurturing and understanding what your prospects want and need in order to build a good relationship, provide value, and ultimately ensure a good fit over the long-run.

Email newsletters…how much is too much?

You might think that the boom in social media, mobile apps, dynamic websites, and remarketing ads has rendered email newsletters obsolete. And yet, they continue to thrive.

Some experts believe that email newsletters -- a "finite and easily recognizable commodity" delivered via the world’s most popular communication platform -- help us make sense of the confusing barrage of information coming from an increasing variety of unfamiliar channels.

An eCommerce site costs $1,351/month less than your minimum-wage cashier and accomplishes WAY more

Let’s get one thing straight: The goal of this post is not to drag you kicking and screaming to our Contact Us page. That’s a whole other wing of our marketing operation, and we try to keep them off this blog as much as we can.

Instead of leaving you with a quippy “Get Started Today!” call to action, we want nothing more than to provide some food for thought.

Powerful tips and tools for email

In this guide, you will find everything you need to help you capture new email leads and maximize the content you send. This can create new streams of revenue as potential customers want to check out your landing pages and shop with you.

Your Email List and What it Means
73% of consumers show interest in a brand because they like the features or identify with the brand.