4 Statistics That Prove Great Websites Mean Increased Profits

We sell great websites, so of course we’re going to tell you they’re good for your bottom line. But if you’re looking for percentages and dollar amounts to benchmark what a “great website” is capable of, this is the list for you.

Every marketing campaign -- whether it’s in print or online -- is about grabbing people’s attention, convincing them you’re the best at what you do, persuading them to buy what you’re selling, and bringing them back for more.

Love at first (web)site

We've all had that feeling.

Somebody you've never seen before walks into a room or passes you on the street, and you can’t help but instantly falling madly in love with them.

Okay maybe it's not true love, but for one reason or another, the qualities that individual possesses draw you in deeper and compel you to want to get to know them better.

The 11 frustrating stages of building your own website (and one way to solve your Web Presence woes)

1. Get pumped up cause you're gonna build a website!

2. But first, you need to figure out which Content Management System to use.

3. Ok, you've picked out your CMS. Now it's time to install your theme and plugins and figure out how to upload them through FTP.

4. After spending hours failing to upload anything through your FTP client, you give up and decide you're better off just outsourcing the whole project to a developer.

13 Terrible Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

Websites come in so many different layouts and styles that it can be mind-boggling at times. That being said, when you see an out-of-date website, or one that looks like it was designed to be a fifth graders' school project you can't help but run away in horror.