Undeniable Proof That Your Small Business is Ready for AdWords

No matter how incredible your SEO is, there are always a handful of other sites at the very top of the results page. The only thing that sets these rankings apart from yours is the word “Ad”...and investments in Google’s AdWords platform.

Before you write off paid search ads, consider that they make up roughly 95% of Google’s total revenue!

Is it time for you to jump into paid search advertising as well?

As of 2014, the web advertising industry weighed in at a whopping $117.6 billion.

The Anatomy of an SEO Spam Message

If you have a website, you've gotten a spam message trying to sell you SEO services. The SEO industry is overwhelmed with scammers trying to make a quick buck off website owners who don't know much about search engines. In fact, these scammers have given the SEO industry a bad name because so many people have been burned by them in the past.

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The end of .com domains?

In November 2013 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) started allowing companies to apply for new domains under a wide selection of new top-level domains (TLDs). For now, only trademark holders can register domains for protected words, but starting January 24, 2014, the first wave of these new TLDs will become publicly available and will include domains like .app, .computer, .lawyer and .store.

Interview with link building expert Brian Dean

As a website owner, you've almost certainly been spent spam messages by someone trying to sell links and promising top rankings in Google for all of your keywords. We definitely don't recommend working with any of those spammers, but it is important to understand why links are such a crucial part of any SEO strategy and what you can do to help improve your site's performance.

Video: Why links are important for SEO success

Link building is hard. The days of article spinning, comment spamming and automated tools that quickly drop thousands of links for you are over. With the crackdown on webspam that Google has made over the last few years, link building today is about hard work, developing content assets that are worthy of links, thinking creatively and building real relationships.

Analytics Keyword Not Provided? Unlock Your Data in Google Analytics

Knowing what users search for through keywords is an essential and valuable tool in your box of SEO goodies and can steer the content and creation of your online business. Have you delved into your keyword report in Google Analytics only to find your most prized and most popular keyword is (not provided). Potential useful data is locked out with no obvious access to it.

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Making SEO a part of your overall digital marketing strategy

Being a digital marketer since 1996 and working in marketing since 1991, I have always taken a proactive and holistic marketing approach to digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
In the last few years, digital marketing has increased exponentially and is crucial for all types and sizes of companies.