The longform guide to local search marketing

Thanks to the Internet, we're world citizens. In these globalized times, it isn't unusual to find yourself chatting with chums in Chicago while playing poker with Polish plumbers and selling stock to Pakistani businessmen before ordering books from Amazon and heading to bed.

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On-Page Optimization Tips and Strategies [Video]

A few weeks ago, we covered some of the basic aspects of Search Engine Optimization. In this video, we'll get into the details of on-page SEO including page features that search engines use as ranking factors and strategies that you should employ to give you webpages their best chance of appearing in search results.

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Back to branding, or: the recent SEO trends we should all be happy about

Google has been the online trend setter for the last decade. Years ago, their algorithm defined SEO as being based on keywords and incoming links. However, updates to the algorithm like Panda and Penguin (more on these later), have shifted the value away from individual keywords, low-quality inbound links and other SEO tricks, and placed it back where it should be: the content itself.

5 Link Building Strategies You Can Start Today

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking at developing your company’s SEO strategy, you may have noticed Google has thrown a couple of hostile animals into the mix.

It began in February 2011 with the Google Panda update, and then (as if one cute fluffy animal wasn’t enough,) Google tossed the Penguin update our way -- not just once, but three times, during 2012.

The SEO landscape has dramatically changed, and so have the strategies needed to stay in the Big G’s favor.

Planning the First 6 Months of Your New Website

In August 2012, we launched a new website targeting health and fitness clubs on a subdomain. I’d like to share some of the data we've collected over the past six months, so you can see what it’s like to launch a new website on a new domain, where you can expect traffic to come from and how that traffic differs from what you might see on a more established domain.

Building off-page SEO for your new small business

When starting a small business, you have plenty that you have to consider, and SEO (search engine optimization) is just one of them. However, SEO can be one of the most important factors for your business. Many believe that SEO only refers to the information that they have on their website, the content that they post there and the tags that they have on the page or images on the site.

Black hat SEO: What is it and is it still worth doing?

For most people, SEO is a process that is long, tiring and sometimes very difficult to go through with. This is why some will try to use unorthodox means of doing it. For instance, when you think that doing SEO the right way is too difficult, you may resort to using black hat methods of SEO. By definition, black hat SEO refers to a process where one does SEO in such a manner as to trick the search engine crawlers into thinking that the site is high quality, rather than doing things such as getting content that is actually good for the site.

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First visitors to your new website won’t be coming from Google – but you can find them elsewhere

Many new bloggers think that once they start writing their awesome content, if they optimize it correctly and build links to it, then Google will take care of their traffic for them. The truth is, if they do manage to do proper SEO that will/should bring in visitors from the search engines, it won’t happen in the first few months – and it will take much longer if they are aiming for any decent and stable amount of traffic.

Customers Define Local Search

It used to be that when we wanted to find a business, say a computer repair centre, we would look in the Yellow Pages for shops that are close by. That era is gone, now we use smartphones and social media. If we are in San Francisco and want to find a repair centre near us, we search for one on our device e.g., Computer Repair Centre San Francisco.