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Paid vs. organic – the winning search strategy


Ever wondered why certain websites appear at the top of the page when you search phrases such as “buy shoes,” “best dishwasher,” or “smartphone reviews” online? Appearing at the top of those coveted search engine results pages (SERPs) is far more than a game of chance. Do you know how to affect where your business appears in the results list? There are two main strategies for affecting your website’s SERP ranking and different situations for employing both. Search results are...

5 email campaigns that keep your customers calling

email marketing

If you think that email marketing is soooo last year and should be relegated to the graveyard of marketing campaigns past, it’s time to think again. The fact is that although marketing to your customers via the humble method of electronic mail may seem outmoded and uncool when compared with trendy social media or mobile marketing, it shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly. Let us show you a few types of email campaigns that can help you deliver a knockout blow to your competition. The fact...

Happy Songkran 2014!!

songkran thailand

This weekend is the Thai New Year, also known as Songkran. Monday, April 14th through Wednesday, April 16th are official national holidays. We will have a small team watching the help desk throughout the holiday to assist with urgent requests. However, non-urgent updates might not be completed until later in the week. Songkran is somewhat similar to the Western holiday season in December in that it’s a time to reflect back on the previous year, spend time with your loved ones and wish for...

The anatomy of an SEO spam message

SEO spam messages

If you have a website, you’ve gotten a spam message trying to sell you SEO services. The SEO industry is overwhelmed with scammers trying to make a quick buck off website owners who don’t know much about search engines. In fact, these scammers have given the SEO industry a bad name because so many people have been burned by them in the past. Occasionally, our clients will forward these spam messages to us asking if their claims of “top Google rankings” are possible. Invariably,...

Customer Service Spotlight: May Maekaroon

may maekaroon

Not only does her last name sound similar to a certain delicious treat, but May has years of experience delighting clients at Pronto as well. She came to us from the University of Florida (can you guess who she’s picked to win March Madness?) where she earned a degree in International Food and Resources Economics. When she’s isn’t participating in our community service trips, May is busy delivering amazing customer service to our clients. Here’s what a few of them had to say about...