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Web support during US business hours is here!

24x5 support

When we surveyed our clients this summer on how we’re doing and where we can improve, the number one request was for support during US working hours. This was not news to us, and we’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. But before we moved forward, we wanted make sure we could get it right. After months of planning and preparation, we’re proud to announce that US timezone web support is finally here. We quietly launched our new US timezone support back in August to give our...

What’s your story? Three ways to tell a tale in your web presence


Are you all sitting comfortably? Okay, then I’ll begin. Once upon a time, when the internet was new and bright – lived Arthur, a poor but honest IT repairman, who’d spent his savings following his dream of becoming a computer wizard to all who needed his help. But no one ever came to him with their computer problems and he had no idea what to do. So, when he was down to his last $100 dollars, he sorrowfully decided he’d have to return to the the hell that was...

Troubleshooting contact form notifications

email notifications

Contact forms are one of the most important parts of a website: helping capture leads, support requests and enhance communication with visitors, so making sure you’re notified all of all form submissions is crucial. We’ve had a few questions recently from our clients about contact forms, so we wanted to look at some of the issues that pop up with forms, pass on some information and share some best practices for dealing with problems as they arise. Known email delivery issues From time to...

See what a website refresh can do for you

phoenix migration

You may have already heard about our new website platform called Phoenix. We’re pretty proud of it. It’s powerful, flexible and mobile responsive. And our team has been building beautiful websites on it. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter templates. With Phoenix, you’re no longer restricted to a small set of page layouts – your wildest website dreams can become reality. Here are some before and after examples of clients that have recently migrated their old Pronto...

HTTPS – a new way to rank?


Last week, Google announced that encrypting the data on your website through SSL will now give your site a small ranking boost. But is it an avenue worth exploring? Let’s look at the facts. SSL is an encryption protocol that allows for secure communication between parties over the internet. You can tell if a website is running SSL encryption by looking at the URL in your browser. If it starts with HTTPS, then it’s using SSL. Traditionally, SSL has only been necessary on websites that...