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The CASL: Canada says no to spam

canadian maple leaf

July 1 is historically a great day for Canadians. This year, I was actually in Canada for Canada Day and got to celebrate the 147th birthday of the greatest nation on Earth with my fellow Canucks. Traditionally this great day is reserved for celebrating Canadian style – in Alberta at least – with a pancake breakfast, some Old Style Pilsner, a BBQ, and fireworks when it gets dark-ish. However, this year was different for many business owners and managers, especially those who...

What a $50,000 potato salad can teach you about marketing

potato salad kickstarter

What does a potato salad have to do with marketing? Well, not much you may think. But there are some interesting lessons to be learned from Zack Brown’s Kickstarter campaign in which this savvy young man has raised almost $50,000 just to make a simple potato salad. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that attracts entrepreneurs, musician, artists, designers, authors or anyone looking to raise some money for their project. In exchange for a donation, users receive a reward. For example, if...

It’s time to upgrade your website


When was the last time you took a good, close look at your website? If you haven’t made any significant changes to your site in a while, your competitors could already be way ahead of you in terms of quality, usability and marketing capabilities. Like all things online, the standards and best practices for web design and development are always changing. That’s why we developed our Phoenix platform to not only jump you up to the forefront of best web design practices, but also to be...

Are you getting the Getty letter?

getty letter

For years, Getty has been the go-to agency for images. Within their digital vaults are millions of pictures, snapshots of everything that exists under the sun; the collected work of more than 150,000 individuals, stock photo agencies, and media organizations. But more recently, the agency has become better known for sending out threatening letters containing demands for substantial sums of money to unassuming website owners. The money is compensation for the use of pictures, which Getty deems...

Ethics, brain tricks and native advertising

native advertising

Do you remember the first time you mistakenly clicked on a “native” ad thinking it was content from your favorite website? How did you feel? Tricked? Disappointed? Like a fool? Did you feel good? Probably not. Did you want to buy the product whose ad led you away from the latest news about upcoming elections or your favorite singer? I know I didn’t. So why is native advertising so popular and what are the ethics behind this often misleading style of ad? They work psychologically. There...