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What is a “lead magnet” and how can it improve results from online ads?

So, you want more sales leads. Obviously, getting someone to give up their contact information requires more than just saying, “Hey! Give me your email address so I can try to sell you something!”

Adding B2B Content Marketing to Your Company’s DNA

“Content marketing is all the marketing that’s left.” Do you agree with best-selling author Seth Godin’s statement? He’s not alone in this belief. 70% of marketers reported having invested in content marketing in 2020. 

7 Amazing Benefits of Content Marketing

The Internet has democratized marketing, leveling the playing field for many small businesses with limited resources. The Benefits of Content Marketing are not just for the big guys with enormous budgets. Anyone with something interesting

8 Effective Blog Writing Tips

Content is a crucial part of building a strong online presence. One of the best tactics for building out your small business content is by writing blog articles. By publishing new blog posts regularly,

7 Essential Content Marketing Tips for Your Business

You want to build your brand, establish your reputation online, and drive people to your site. Somewhere along the line, someone tells you content marketing is the way to go. They’re right. Before we

Why Fresh Content is Critical for SEO

Anyone who has worked alongside or has otherwise interacted with a digital marketing expert or SEO specialist is almost certain to be familiar with the oft-repeated saying that follows: “Content is King.” Although most

How marketing can help consultative salespeople close more deals

The sales game has changed. Nowadays, sales’ role is more than just to “close the deal” as fast as possible. It’s about nurturing and understanding what your prospects want and need in order to

How to win with blogging: The secret to ranking on Google’s 1st page

Win with blogging? Seriously? That’s so 2003. I get it. You’re skeptical about blogging because you’ve been let down. Maybe there was a time you spent hours at your computer, typing your masterpiece. You

Post-Sales Content Marketing Strategy that Delight Customers and Boost Your Bottom Line

Regardless of what you sell, whether a product or service, sales are the lifeblood of all businesses. If you’re not getting new customers, you’ve got no bottom line. Pretty straightforward right? Well, not exactly.

How to make your content stand out when readers have short attention spans and a million choices

Let’s settle this once and for all… You and your business must have a blog. In an age when consumers are hungry for content but stingy with their attention spans, regularly posting concise, high-quality

Interview with the Marketing Gunslinger Steve Miller

In this insightful interview, Marketing Gunslinger and ‘UNCOPYABLE’ author Steve Miller talks about his satisfaction in helping small businesses increase revenue, the key to effectively promoting a roller-coaster ride without using the word “roller-coaster,”

How to Keep Coming up with Fresh Content for your Newsletter Week after Week

Few businesses give email marketing and newsletters campaigns the attention they deserve. They underestimate its importance as a marketing channel and the influence it can have on your customers. Unfortunately, many of these businesses

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