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Law firm website design

A well-designed website sets a standard. It often serves as a client’s first impression. For law firms, trust is paramount, and a great way to build that trust is to offer a web presence that is professional, informative, and easy to navigate.

Every color, feature, and photo included should be representative of the quality work your law firm provides. Our experts work with clients to build websites that lend the confidence needed to turn visitors into clients.

Website support

Our WordPress experts provide ongoing website support for law firms to ensure their website is always up-to-date and optimized for speed.

Whether you need to add new products, update plugins to help take orders, or download data, our support team has everything covered for you.

WordPress hosting

Our team of seasoned WordPress professionals keep your site working at all times, handling everything from the hosting and backups to speed optimizations and lock-tight security.

We take care of your site’s technical performance for you so you can focus on growing your business.

How We Help

We also promote your law firm website
with digital marketing services

Attract new visitors to grow your practice:

Website Page Booster

Increase your pages’ authority and rank higher in search results with targeted SEO campaigns

Local SEO

Gain more visibility from local searches with our Google My Business Management service

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Display online ads to get found by your ideal customer when they have the highest intent to buy.

Case Studies

Results achieved for ambitious law firms

Redesign re-energizes a family law website

Garriott Maurer, a full-service family law firm located in Virginia Beach, VA was looking to improve its website design and maintenance.

Online ad campaign yields a 17% increase in conversions

Stuck with stagnant results, BL & W approached Pronto to revamp their efforts in Google Ads to boost their online leads.

31% increase in conversions over a year with paid search

Brown & Dahan, a full-service family law firm, contacted Pronto Marketing to manage both their website and Google advertising campaigns.

Web Design Checklist for Lawyers

Law firm website design must-haves

What the best law firm websites do

For some potential clients arriving on your website, it will be the first time they’re learning about your practice. They’ll come in knowing almost nothing about who you are and what you offer. That’s why your law firm website design needs to make a great first impression and needs to quickly start convincing prospective clients to take the next steps in engaging.

Empty heading

This might seem obvious, but your website needs to be able to explain who you are, what you offer, and why someone should hire you as their attorney. There are a few key elements to include that will help you have the best law firm website in your area:

  • Homepage banner – As soon visitors arrive on your homepage, they need to understand what your value proposition is. This can best be accomplished by having a very clear headline in the banner area of your website that succinctly explains your practice. For example, if you specialize in criminal defense, your homepage headline could be “Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chicago.” That might sound a little plain, but you should assume that most website visitors have very little patience. If the messaging on your website isn’t clear, they’ll quickly get confused and decide to leave for another law firm’s website instead.

  • Practice area pages – Whether you’re a small law firm with a single specialization or a large law practice offering a wide range of services, each of your practice areas should have its own dedicated page on your website, and each of those practice area pages should go into detail about your expertise in that area and if possible, specific examples of how you’ve helped your clients. Don’t be afraid to get very specific with these pages. For example, if you specialize in Family Law, you should have separate practice area pages for divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, adoption, and more. Likewise, if you’re a personal injury lawyer, you should have individual pages for workers compensation, auto accidents, driving under the influence, etc. The more specific you are with these pages, the more appealing you’ll look to a prospective client who needs help in that particular area.

  • Attorney biographies – Since website visitors on your law firm’s website won’t know much about your practice, it’s important that you include attorney bios so you can show the deep knowledge and experience your talented team of attorneys have. The biographies should include education history, bar admission location and date, area of expertise, professional memberships and activities, and an explanation of their accomplishments over the years. Including all of this information will help potential clients start to gain trust with the lawyers they’ll be working with.

You and your team have spent years (and perhaps decades) crafting your expertise and professionalism, but making sure that professionalism comes through on your website requires paying special attention to images and messaging used throughout the site. A surefire way to stand out from other law firms in your area is to hire a photographer/videographer to take photos and videos of you and your team. A great law firm website design company can then take those photos and videos and develop one of the best law firm websites around. You’ll be miles ahead of any other law firm you’re competing with.

Working with a skilled and experienced copywriter is equally important. Just like the imagery used on your law firm’s website gives your potential clients a sense of your expertise, the messaging used throughout your website content does as well. The wrong tone or wording can make you seem careless or untrustworthy.

One of the best ways to start building trust on law firm websites is by displaying client testimonials. These can be placed anywhere on your site from your homepage to your practice areas pages (assuming the testimonial is relevant to that particular practice area) to landing pages for marketing campaigns. Testimonials from happy clients give the credibility and reassurance your potential clients need to see in order to consider moving forward with you. They want to know that you’ve helped other people in their same situation come to a positive resolution.

Understandably, some of your existing clients may be reluctant to attach their name and face to a testimonial about a legal issue they were involved in. An easy solution to that is to attribute their quote with their first name and last initial only.

Your prospective clients don’t have the same in-depth understanding of the legal industry as you, so you need to avoid the temptation of showing off your knowledge and expertise through convoluted, jargon-heavy content.

Your legal practice’s website content should be written with clear messaging that concisely explains the legal services you offer, the benefits of working with you and your attorneys, and your value proposition. Keep things simple and focus on the reader’s perspective of the issue they’re hoping to resolve.

Even great law firm websites need to draw qualified visitors to it in order to generate new leads. One way to make that happen is through search engine optimization (SEO). It’s crucial that you have the right keywords placed throughout your website content in order to let search engines know what your website is about. Optimizing for the right keywords gives you a better chance of showing up in the search results on Google which can end up driving traffic to your site.

Law firm SEO can get fairly complicated. We’ll dig into it a bit deeper below, but it’s important you work with a law firm web design company that is familiar with SEO best practices.

Perhaps the most important element that all law firm websites need to have is a strong call to action that tells website visitors what they need to do in order to move forward with you. Depending on how your law firm prefers to operate, this could be submitting a form, scheduling a time to talk, or picking up the phone and calling you right away.

The main point of having a website to begin with is to bring new clients into your practice, so your calls to action should be very direct. Instead of saying “click here” or “submit this form”, use action phrases like “Schedule your consultation” or “Connect with one of our lawyers.” And make sure your calls to action are strategically placed throughout your site most importantly in the homepage banner, header, footer, contact page, and landing pages.

Your clients come to you for your expertise and one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise is by placing an FAQ section at the bottom of each practice area page. This gives you an opportunity to get into further details that didn’t quite fit with the flow of the marketing content higher up on the page. And while you still want to avoid confusing jargon, it’s okay to get a little deeper into the weeds with your answers.

Start off by thinking about what questions your existing clients ask most often or what concerns a potential client might have when seeking legal advice. Writing short but helpful answers to these questions will not only increase the confidence your website visitors have in you, but it will also give you more opportunities to include important keywords for SEO.

Why you need to upgrade your law firm's website now

Your website is the foundation of your practice’s online presence. It’s where potential clients first learn about you and decide whether they want to engage with you. If you’re current website has an out of date design, isn’t optimized for SEO, or just isn’t impressing your prospective clients, it’s time to act now.

The sooner your get started building a new website or fixing up your current site, the sooner you’ll start to reap the benefits of having a strong digital presence for your legal practice.

Frequently asked questions

The time required for your Website Build depends on factors such as the amount of content your site requires, the complexity of the features required, and your team’s responsiveness during the project.

But the baseline estimate for our typical $5,000 six designs with fifteen pages Website Build is between 8-10 weeks.

Website Support

The most popular solution for small and mid-sized companies. Includes unlimited website edits, WordPress consultation, and platform maintenance by our team of WordPress experts.

Dedicated Support

Includes all the features of “Website Support,” with a dedicated site manager who will handle all your requests via your own personal task board.

Technical Support

Ideal for our web-savvy customers. Does not include website edits but includes hosting & routine upkeep on our secured Pronto Platform.

Yes, we do. Our link building for SEO will raise your website’s authority and boost search visibility in search engines. Combine that with our Google My Business Management service to optimize and further amplify your business’ local presence by attracting more local prospects to your GMB listing and website.

If instead, your goal is to put your business in front of potential clients when they are looking for the same products and services you offer, our Google Ads Management service is just what you need. This can help you put your message in front of the right people at the right time.

Yes, we can. The same team that handles your initial Website Build will be able to customize pages for promoting your products, services, events, or promotions and for offering visitors free eBooks, videos, and consultations in exchange for their email addresses. 

If your site was not built by Pronto, there may be an additional charge for creating new content.

A lot of WordPress support companies provide only a small part of what it takes to have a successful website, but Pronto isn’t just a WordPress support company. We’re an end-to-end web presence management solution all under one roof.

We have a wide range of specialists with expertise in everything from developing new websites to providing fast and secure hosting to and delivering exceptional, ongoing support.

Or, if you’re looking to expand your online reach, we have marketing experts standing by to help with SEO, online advertising, and content marketing.

And on top of that, we provide access to our custom-built Pronto Dashboard, which gives valuable insights into your site’s traffic and performance.

Gone are the days of coordinating projects across multiple vendors. At Pronto, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your online needs.

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