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5 Tactics for Using Social Media for Marketing

Social media is a poster-child for digital marketing. The average American uses it for more than two hours per day, and billions are spent every year on ads that are hyper-targeted based on location,

Using Social Media for Sales

You know that your customers and prospects are on social media, but you’re not so sure how to translate this into increased sales for your business. Maybe you’ve tried running some ads yourself on

[Webinar] How to Reach the Right People with Facebook Ads

Launching a Facebook campaign takes a lot of work, but, you’ll save a lot of time when you know who you’re trying to reach. This involves a little bit of upfront work by creating

[Interview] How one small business achieved huge results with Facebook advertising.

As a small business it’s not easy to get in front of your audience online and deliver tangible marketing results. So when Derek Brown achieved a 5% increase in followers in five days from

Does Using Social Media for Business Help Rank on Google Search Results?

Before we posted our answer, Google returned 15.8 million results for “Does social media help you rank in Google search results?” Our Search and Advertising team poured over each result on Google’s first page,

Tips for reviving a diminishing social media presence

Businesses have gained many significant advantages thanks to social media. For people who are serious about growing their social media presence, they need to see it in terms of both growing and also in

Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

Every small business owner should consider utilizing and investing in digital marketing for their businesses to grow and prosper in today’s competitive world. Digital marketing involves promoting or publicizing your products or services over

Social Media Metrics: Your Comprehensive Guide to Stepping Up The Way You Analyze Metrics

Ever been perplexed when queries about the ROI of the social media campaign for your business? You’re not alone! It’s easy to fall back on the basics when you answer this question –– your

Rebranding in the Eye of Social Media

The way customers perceive your business depends on how your business is branded. So if you’re facing slow growth or little online presence, rebranding your company is a possible and worthy outlook. Rebranding is

Which social media accounts matter to my business

It is common belief that a brand should be on all social media networks to cast the marketing or audience net wide. That is wrong. What you need to do is get onto the

Re-evaluate what makes your social media successful

The way a business presents itself on the different social media platforms is very important. This is true whether the platforms are used to increase exposure, connect with existing and potential customers or to

Boost your content on social media

Content marketing has always been crucial, but with social media, it gives you a new avenue. It is critical to be able to connect with people online because that is where almost all potential

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