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Google Search Ads for Local Businesses: How Much Does it cost?

Google Ads is a great way to boost lead generation, but while the service is well-known, many business owners and marketers still struggle to understand how to determine their budget. This blog will help

What is a “lead magnet” and how can it improve results from online ads?

So, you want more sales leads. Obviously, getting someone to give up their contact information requires more than just saying, “Hey! Give me your email address so I can try to sell you something!”

How Much Should Your MSP Spend On Online Marketing? Know Your Numbers

The MSP industry is unique when it comes to marketing for several reasons, the most important of which is the value of an individual client. You aren’t selling widgets for $5 apiece. You’re selling

Facebook vs. Google Advertising ROI for Attorneys

Finding the right ways to advertise your services can be a juggle for attorneys. If you’re operating without any internal marketing staff, you’re working long hours jumping between client work and marketing at the

How Much Should You Spend on Digital Marketing in 2021?

How much should your small business spend on digital marketing this year? It’s a question a lot of companies are grappling with. In the wake of last year’s turbulent times, many are still finding

10-Point landing page optimization checklist for small businesses

If you understand the potential that is in the internet to market and grow your business, then you should be pulling all the stops to make maximum use of it. Your website should be

What to ask before hiring an AdWords consultant

Maintaining a highly ranked website or blog may seem like a full time job. It is in fact quite demanding. This is why hiring professionals to take care of it while you take care

5 Google AdWords Tips to Lower Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

Google Ads have been one of the most effective, targeted ways to reach prospects since it was launched as AdWords nearly 20 years ago. The ability to target an ad according to a specific

How to Leverage Google Local Services Ads to Grow Your Company

Google AdWords has been one of the most immediate and effective ways to generate traffic to a small business website since it launched nearly 20 years ago. One of its most underappreciated (and underused)

How to get detailed information on every caller that your website converts

Have you ever wondered where your phone leads are coming from? Good news! With our Call Tracker service you can not only track how many calls originate on your website, but also how those

How to Setup Effective Google Remarketing Ads

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is one of the largest and most effective advertising networks available, providing access to billions of searches every year around the globe. Among the several types of ad

Paid vs. Organic Search – The Winning Strategy

Ever wondered why certain websites appear at the top of the page when you search phrases such as “buy shoes,” “best dishwasher,” or “smartphone reviews” online? Appearing at the top of those coveted search

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