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Frequently asked questions

Basic optimization (included in all plans) involves site-wide image optimization, a broken link check, and monthly plugin updates.

Our speed optimization service includes:

  • Optimize Images
  • Specify Image Dimension to Load in Proper Size Images
  • Reduce Server Response Time
  • Inline JS and CSS for small file
  • Preload for Google fonts and local fonts
  • Remove unused JS and CSS
  • Minify Javascript and CSS
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Enable Compression
  • Render-Blocking Resources
  • Cleanup HTML
  • Lazy Loading Images
  • Load Critical CSS
  • Defer JS
  • Generate WebP Caching
  • Activate CDN Support
  • Fixing errors
  • Fixing broken links
  • Remove unused plugins
  • Optimize Elementor section (For Elementor sites)
  • And more

There is a 30-day review period for this service where you can work with an engineer to ensure we get your pages performing how you’d like. You can also get a FREE Website Performance & Security review here, to see how your current site is performing.

While your website’s page speed is important, getting 100/100 in Google PageSpeed isn’t. The actual speed of your website is what matters. We have seen sites that load in the blink of an eye, that don’t get a 100 score.

The purpose of tools like Google PageSpeed is to provide you with recommended improvements, but not all improvements are advised. 

For example, removing all of the scripts on your website is one way to improve your score, but this means you lose the functionality such as, embedded videos, live chat, pop ups, animations etc.

You can find your PageSpeed score by navigating to www.pagespeed.web.dev and entering your website URL.

You can toggle results for both mobile and desktop layouts.

A website’s performance can diminish over time, as content and features are added and layouts are adjusted. Performance tools also adjust the way they measure performance over time.

We created a Speed Optimization service, separate from our website support plans, so that we can keep our support plan prices down. Each website has different features, scripts, and content which makes optimizing each one quite time consuming and labor intensive. We created this service so that we can do a thorough job and dedicate the right resources to it.

If you think that your website is slow, feel free to reach out to us and we can provide you with a performance report to see how much your site speed can be improved.

On average, we’ve improved Google PageSpeed scores on desktop by 34% and on mobile by 24%. We’ve also improved GTmetrix scores by 2 letters, with 84% scoring an A or B grade.

How much we can increase your scores depends on multiple factors, like the size of your pages and how well optimized your site is already. We offer a free Website Performance Audit to review the current performance of your site before you sign up for a Speed Optimization.

There are multiple reasons why your PageSpeed score declines over time. Here are some of the reasons;

  • Google often changes the way they measure PageSpeed, and they sometimes add new measurements or change the importance of certain metrics
  • Adding new features to your site, such as scripts and plugins
  • Adjusting your website layout or adding new media
  • If you run your test during a high traffic event or when your server is experiencing higher loads

That depends on the performance of your website. If your website is slow, sluggish and taking ages to fully load, then our Speed Optimization service can help fix these issues. Over time a website can get slow due to new scripts, media and content, and plugins added to the site. 

Yes, you need to pay each time we do a full speed optimization of your website, as the same amount of investigation and work is put in each time.

Nine times out of ten, your mobile score will be lower than your desktop score. Here are some reasons why;

  • Mobile devices typically have slower processors, which means layouts usually take longer to load
  • PageSpeed simulates mobile network speeds, which are generally slower than WiFi and less reliable
  • Mobile devices apply specific rules such as resizing images, viewport size, running of different scripts etc.

No, we perform optimizations that improve both desktop and mobile scores. If your mobile score is your main concern, you can let us know and we can pay attention to techniques that improve mobile scores such as more heavily optimizing images.

Both Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix are tools that help identify speed related issues on websites and fix them. They both measure slightly different things, however. GTmetrix shows results from Google Lighthouse and Yslow, and pulls in other metrics like the waterfall graphs. And Google’s tool gives a more limited view of a site’s performance.

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