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Make your business stand out with a unique WordPress website design

Our team will drive the entire process of building your new website so that it looks great on any device at a price you can affords.

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Benefits of building your new website with Pronto

We'll take care of the entire website build for you!

It doesn’t get more end-to-end than that.

Our Projects team will chart out the specific content, features, and SEO elements based on a custom Scope of Work.

Early in the process, you’ll receive mockups to approve the direction we’ve taken your site’s layout and styling.

Your own personal Project Manager will guide you through the process while directing our team of producers.

100% Money-back guarantee on your Website Design project if you’re dissatisfied within 30 days!

Professional designs that build
trust with your prospects

We’ll design your web pages to your exact needs – 100% custom!

Custom builds to meet your website development needs

Pronto delivers value whether you’re B2B or B2C

Reinforcing personalized customer service with a high-functioning website

for an insurance company

Inspiring new and existing members with a modern website design

for a yoga & pilates studio

Building and designing a compelling website for a new brand and local business

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WordPress website build pricing

icon complex websites

$3,500 - $15,000+

USD per Build

12-month payment plans available

Building on WordPress gives us incredible flexibility to add only the features you need,
the way you want them, at an affordable price for your small and growing business to level up its website.

What if your business requires a website more
advanced than our standard builds?

Pronto has you covered there as well.

What makes a
Pronto-built website a great investment?

It will be constructed on a rock-solid foundation of best practices — honed over the past decade we’ve been in business — and customized to tell your story compellingly. Our team works with you to build a site exactly how you envision it!

We not only build WordPress websites,
we maintain and promote them, too!

The build is just the first phase of a complete website solution.
Pronto provides comprehensive services to keep your online homebase running.

Website Maintenance

Our platform team ensures your website works fast, updates are closely monitored, and upgrades are promptly installed.

From Just

Digital Marketing

Pronto offers both one time online marketing audits as well as SEO and paid advertising management services.

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Why your business needs and can afford a custom WordPress website design

With a vast majority of customers looking online first when researching a new product or services, your site is the first, and often the only reference prospects will have for your company. 

A professional website build improves your brand’s image, especially if you own a young business. Polishing your image is essential. 

The goal is to attain online visibility as a brand, which will secure your reputation as a trusted source. In the current market, you simply can’t achieve that goal without an informative and well-built site. 

A quality website isn’t the goal; it’s a baseline necessity for success. Your website serves as the foundation for your entire digital marketing strategy.

Whether you’re sending email newsletters or posting on social media, the goal is to pull potential customers to your site, so it should give an outstanding first impression.

A high-quality website is an investment in the future of your company. It’s the equivalent of your storefront for the virtual world.

Without an exceptional site, where will interested consumers go to learn about your company? The answer is likely nowhere; they’ll move on to the next one, and it will probably be one of your competitors.

Don’t wait until you feel more established as a business to get a beautiful, functional, and informative site. Your business needs it now! To achieve the level of quality that your site requires, you’ll likely require help from us.

Pronto offers a professional WordPress website design build at a competitive price for small businesses. We have suitable options to build, host, and support customized sites.

Check out our Website Cost Calculator to get an instant quote

More than 66% of small business owners personally manage three or more aspects of their business (marketing, sales, finance, operations, customer services, product development, or IT). The last thing you need is to add another large project to your full plate.

By delegating your WordPress website design to us, you can dedicate more time to your business’ essential operations to have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

We’ll take the planning, designing, and building of your website off of your hands. You’ll work with a team of experts who will build a design that matches your brand and framework that supports your business’ long-term success.

Plus, we offer other reliable marketing services like Google My Business SEO Management to help improve your rankings on search engines over time.

Besides planning, designing, and building a site for your company, we can customize it with advanced features, if that’s what your company needs.

Advanced build

Here are some add-ons you can purchase if you need an advanced website build:

  • Online eStore
  • Subscription Plan
  • Ticketing and Events
  • Additional Content
  • Blog Migration
  • Job Board
  • Donor Portal

Hosting and Support

Another benefit of having a site by Pronto is that we provide web hosting and support services.

In a nutshell: 

  • Hosting – Your site will remain secure, fast, and closely monitored.
  • Support – Our 24/5 ensures your website stays up and running for customers to visit. 

Pronto starts by learning about your business to determine a direction for layout and styling. Then, you’ll be provided mockups for review and approval.

If the design doesn’t fit your business’ essence, the team will make adjustments until it’s a good fit. We ensure your website is an excellent representation of your brand and values online.

Take a peek of websites we’ve created for clients in our Showcase

To get the most out of a professional website on WordPress, experience, and skill in navigating and working with the software is crucial.

Technical difficulties are common when you’re creating a website on your own, and can be extremely frustrating. Attempting to fix these problems on your own can require a chunk of time and expertise.

By partnering with us, you can avoid glitches and your site from breaking entirely, which will put time back into your schedule for running your business.

To build a stellar online reputation, you need a high-quality, eye-catching website that bolsters your marketing strategy. Fortunately, you don’t need to become a marketing expert overnight. Pronto has a team of experts in website design and management to create your site.

With our team by your side, your website will be a unique representation of your brand that captures your target audience’s attention.

There’s no comparison between a website built by web design professionals and one that’s been built by a beginner.

As with any skill, WordPress design requires experience and finesse to be done right. The result is a higher level of quality, less technical issues that can negatively impact user experience, and a better response from your visitors.

Read Do-It-Yourself (DIY) vs. Professionally Developed Websites

Plan your new website so it can continue evolving with your business. It must be functional, appealing, and memorable.

Pronto can help you with all that. We ensure that your site is built right. With a new Website Build, your company site will have a strong foundation that’s built to last.

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“I’m ready to talk about scoping your project, unique page designs, advanced features and pricing!"
Thomas Bland
Website Sales Account Executive

Let’s get started on your customized Pronto-built website!

Then we’ll start the build, and within a matter of weeks, a high-functioning and effective new website will be yours. Just submit the no-obligations consultation form below to start the conversation, and we’ll get to work!


Starting the process is easy. Just send us some basic information about your business and your needs, and we’ll estimate a Scope of Work.


We’ll send you the Scope of Work and be ready to discuss it. Once the details are to your liking, we’ll price it out and send you a quote.


After reviewing your quote (we can help here, too), just sign it, and we’ll shift into planning mode. And that’s when the project begins!

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Frequently asked questions

You are certainly welcome to provide the content for your website, but you do not have to. This is because Pronto has its own editorial department, staffed by experienced copywriters and editors who can create unique content based on the information you provide us about your business.

The time required for your Website Build depends on factors such as the amount of content your site requires, the complexity of the features required, and your team’s responsiveness during the project.

But the baseline estimate for our typical $5,000 six designs with fifteen pages Website Build is between 8-10 weeks.

Within 24 hours of signing up, you will receive an email from Pronto’s production department to welcome you aboard. Then, the Website-Build team will begin its pre-production work, and your dedicated Project Manager will be in touch to kick off the project. They will be your guide and daily point of contact from kick-off to website launch.

You will be charged for the Website Build once your Project Manager kicks off the project and it is officially “in progress.” See your quote for prearranged payment plans.

Your chosen Website Support monthly subscription plan will start once your website build is “complete” and goes live on the web.

Pronto websites are built on the powerful WordPress platform using Elementor, one of the most advanced front-end development tools in the industry. Once your site is live, you’ll have full access to the site and Elementor’s WordPress Website Builder to make edits.

No. They are separate subscriptions, but you have the flexibility to choose which service is best for you: Technical Support (Hosting and Maintenance) for $99/mo., Website Support for $249/mo., or Dedicated Support (which includes your own Site Manager) for $599/mo.

Yes, we can. The same team that handles your initial Website Build will be able to customize pages for promoting your products, services, events, or promotions, and for offering visitors free eBooks, videos, and consultations in exchange for their email addresses.

If your site was not built by Pronto, there may be an additional charge for creating new content.

Yes, we do. Your Website Build, unsurprisingly, will be handled by the Pronto Websites division, whereas the Pronto Search & Advertising division handles SEO and marketing services.

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