IT Firm Jumps Up Google Rankings with SEO Campaigns

IT Firm google seo campaigns results
An IT firm from Kansas City subscribed to Pronto Marketing’s fully managed SEO service in order to improve their search engine ranking and attract more leads through a well-coordinated link-building campaign.


Complete Technology Services caters mainly to small and medium sized firms and provides a ‘complete’ offering of hardware, software and IT services.

Campaign Objective: Boost Online Visibility with a Strong SEO Foundation

Complete Technology approached Pronto Marketing to improve their rankings and increase their search visibility in their target areas in selected cities in the US Midwest, namely Kansas City, Omaha and Des Moines.

At the start of their project, they were not ranking highly in any searches made by potential customers who were searching for services such as Complete Technology.

Ranking outside the top 10 on Google means that you are not appearing on the first page of search engine results, which significantly impacts your firm’s chances of being noticed.

Complete Technology signed up for Pronto’s Page Booster service, which is a fully-managed link-building service tailored to increase a company’s website traffic through a meticulously planned campaign of competitor analysis, keyword research, and editing and creating pages on the site that are SEO optimized.

Campaign Objective: Boost Online Visibility with a Strong SEO Foundation

The Pronto team got to work quickly, breaking the task down into six stages:

  1. Keyword Strategy: We started by sitting down with the client and finding out which location they wished to prioritize as their target.

    The customer provided its services in three cities (Kansas City, Omaha and Des Moines) and so was open to suggestions.

  2. Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis: In order to establish the best location to begin with, our team conducted keyword research and analyzed the competition to identify a list of potential location keywords to target.

  3. Choosing the Right Keywords: Based on the search volumes, traffic potential, and keyword difficulty (the likelihood of the word featuring highly in search engine results), they identified the most suitable term – “IT Support Omaha”.

    The client agreed and gave our team the green light to proceed.

    Generally speaking, keywords with higher search volumes have a greater chance of generating traffic to a website. However, ranking well for such keywords can involve a considerable outlay from the perspective of a small business.

    This is why it is crucial to properly evaluate each client’s circumstances and budget before deciding on a chosen keyword and making a spending commitment.

  4. Location Page Creation & Optimization: Once the keyword was approved by the customer, the SEO specialist created a new location page to target it. The Pronto team ensured that the URL, title tags and headings were optimized for keywords, and related words and terms were used multiple times on the page to help it rank highly in search engine results.

    The SEO specialist optimized the page further by running SurferSEO audits, which help to find synonymous terms that will help rank more highly than the original text. In addition, he ensured that the title tag, headings, and meta description were also completely optimized.

  5. Google Search Console: After the new location page went live, our team of specialists submitted it to Google Search Console for crawling and indexing. It is one of the most vital stages of new page creation, as it causes the page in question to appear in search engine results which is the first step to ranking.

  6. Building Backlinks: Finally, the new Omaha location page was ready to start getting backlinks on a monthly basis.

    Good quality (from websites with high authority), and relevant backlinks are valuable for SEO because they not only represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to another but are also one of the most important ranking factors. The more quality backlinks the website has, the higher Google will eventually rank it.

Project Outcome and Next Steps

complete technology keyword it support omaha
Meticulously researched keywords pushed Complete Technology’s Omaha location page to a top 5 position in Google search results.

Within a year of commencing with Pronto’s Page Booster service, Complete Technology’s location page for Omaha was at an all-time high position – number 5 in Google search results.

A secondary key term, “Managed Services Omaha”, also reached previously unseen levels, coming in at number 3 by July 2022.

From having no visitors at all in May 2021, Complete Technology’s Omaha location page leapt to 723 cumulative views just over a year later.

Complete Technology weren’t featuring on Google’s first page. After teaming up with Pronto’s SEO specialists and subscribing to our Page Booster link-building service, they are now one of the first sites that potential customers see when they search for IT professionals in the company’s targeted areas.

Pronto has plenty of experience in helping IT companies unlock their online potential, and we are very comfortable handling issues that are specific to the IT services industry.
Get in touch to request a consultation and find out how we can help your business move up a gear.


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