600% Increase in Lead Conversions with Google Ads for an IT Provider

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Pittsburgh-based IT services provider Network Access leveraged the expertise of Pronto’s Search & Advertising team to help make their campaign more effective in generating quality leads and increasing conversions.

Increase in
Lead Conversions
Increase in
Cost per Conversion Reduction


Network Access was founded in 1992 and provides managed IT services in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. They offer solutions for IT security, storage and data backup, disaster recovery, cloud services and more. 

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Google Ads Fails to Generate Enough Leads

Network Access had not been receiving many reliable leads since they began their Google AdWords campaign. They were keen to get more insight into what steps could be taken to help improve the volume of conversions and the quality of leads they were getting from Google Ads.

The client got in touch with Pronto’s Search & Advertising team, who looked at their existing campaign structure and considered how it might be optimized for better conversion results.

“Our Paid Ads strategy wasn’t delivering the quality leads that we were hoping for, so we contacted Pronto to find out how they could help us turn things around and breathe new life into our online campaign.”

Jacki Barnes
Jacki Barnes
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Network Access
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Organizing the Selected Key Ad Groups Campaign, which began in May 2022


Optimization of Google Ads Campaign Strategy to Increase Leads and Conversions

The S&A team decided to organize the client’s Google Ads Campaign into a Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) method. SKAG is a particular Google Ads/Adwords account campaign structure where each keyword has a dedicated ad group with the end goal of increasing the overall click through rate.

This is more suited to smaller scale ad accounts that have a manageable number of keywords.

Single Keyword Ad Groups have a number of advantages. It offers far greater control over campaigns crucial insight into the performance of keywords. Each keyword within the ad group can be optimized, advertising can be made more relevant, keyword bidding (search engine advertising) can be honed, and quality score (a Google Ads metric that rates the quality of your ad compared to others) can be greatly improved. 

In short, a SKAG campaign structure offers an incredibly data-rich perspective that helps promote the relevance of adverts at the keyword level.

This new structure was applied to boost the conversion results of the campaign. The new implementation of SKAGs resulted in an increase of conversions for Network Access over time.

“Pronto’s S&A Team really impressed us with their knowledge and expertise. They offered a new approach to our campaign and once their plan was put into action, we felt the impact immediately.”

Jacki Barnes
Jacki Barnes
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Network Access
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The results of Conversions & CPA

The Outcome

A Surge in Conversions and Clicks and More Cost-Effective Client Acquisitions

After the restructuring of Network Access’ campaign was applied in May 2022, results improved dramatically and remained at their new level.

The amount of conversions increased by an impressive 604%, while the conversion rate jumped by 374%.

The cost per conversion rate, a metric used to measure how much it costs an advertiser to acquire a single customer, dropped by 77%, illustrating clearly how effective the new ad strategy was at providing value for money.

The number of clicks on the client’s ads was 777 over the three-month period from May to July, compared to 522 in the previous quarter, an upsurge of 49%

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“It’s clear from the results that the new Google Ads campaign has been of enormous benefit to us. We are happy with the outcomes and look forward to seeing further progress in the future.”

Jacki Barnes
Jacki Barnes
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Network Access

Network Access looked to utilize the talents of Pronto’s Search & Acquisition team to get better leads, conversions and value for money from their marketing budget. Over the three-month period since the start of the campaign in May 2022, the number of conversions has seen a boost of over 600% along with an almost 50% jump in clicks.

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