The guide to integrating your leads to ConnectWise with Zapier


As a modern MSP, you use a lot of web apps to get work done. They help you send emails, plan projects, run marketing campaigns, and build your entire company.

But you end up spending a lot of time managing these tools and moving data from one app to the other manually, or even worse, leaving data siloed and scattered across your apps. Scattered data not only hinders your ability to analyze data to gain insights, but it also degrades the ROI associated with your projects. Arguably, nothing is more critical to your business than your sales and lead data.

For most MSPs, your most critical business tool is ConnectWise. But getting lead data from all your web and marketing apps and into ConnectWise can be such a chore, that a lot of busy IT pros just ignore it and move on. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The answer is Zapier.

If you’re new to Zapier, watch this short video to understand more about the tool and what it does.

Zapier helps you win back your time by enabling the web apps to do the work for you and automating data integration to ConnectWise.

The tool also ensures nothing falls through the cracks in each of the web apps you work on.

Insights obtained from data have tremendously helped MSPs like yours in decision-making, cost-cutting, product development, and operational efficiency. With all the data collected integrated in one place on ConnectWise by Zapier, any user in the company can now have access to this information and share insights across teams.

Below are the three most common ways MSPs capture leads online and how you can use Zapier to easily and reliably ensure this data makes it into Connectwise.

Lead Acquisition Use Cases:

Use Case 1: Contact Us submissions/Request a Quote/eBook Downloads on your website

Connectwise is where you manage all your customers. And if you’re succeeding with your MSP marketing, most of your new customers start out as leads coming through your MSP website’s forms, like Contact Us, Quote, or demo requests as well as eBook downloads.

The best way to get all the lead data from these various kinds of form submissions is to use GravityForms. It’s is an easy-to-use web form builder and it integrates with Zapier. That means when a visitor submits a lead on your MSP website, the data automatically is collected by GravityForms, transmitted by Zapier, and stored in ConnectWise.

Here are 6 easy steps to connect your website’s GravityForms to ConnectWise using Zapier

    1. Create a new contact and company record in ConnectWise.
    2. Add the Zapier add-on to GravityForms.
    3. Create a new Zap, starting with the new form submission from GravityForms.
    4. Connect Zapier to GravityForms and ConnectWise.
    5. Do a lookup in Connectwise to see if the contact and the company already exists or if a new contact needs to be created.
    6. Create or Update the contact with the new information that you need.


Use Case 2: Sales meetings scheduled using an online sales calendar

Meetings scheduling tools help salespeople organize their call schedule in an organized and efficient way. Chances are you use this approach to eliminate the usual back-and-forth of coordinating with prospects and then manually entering appointments into your calendar. 

But again, when you set up an appointment on these tools, the meeting detail is only visible to the person creating the meeting, and not accessible by the rest of your team and your company.

You can solve this problem of siloed data by moving to Calendly or ScheduleOnce as your scheduling tool, as they already integrate with Zapier. This way, every time a meeting is scheduled, you can automatically record all the prospect data and the scheduling info in ConnectWise. This way, any user in your company has access to this information and can see which prospective customer has spoken to which salesperson and what the topic of the call was.

Getting your calendar synced up with ConnectWise via Zapier is easy to do. It’s just a few clicks on the admin panel. Here’s a full description of how to sync Calendly and here’s how you do it for ScheduleOnce.

Use Case 3: Registrations from your webinars

Webinars are a great way to get new sales leads and create highly informed prospects in one fell swoop. Getting all the registrant data into ConnectWise can be a pain, but if you use Zoom or GoToMeeting to run your webinars, you’ll benefit from their pre-built integrations with Zapier, meaning (you guessed it!) all the data will flow automatically to Connectwise.

The integration is easy to set up in the admin panel, as you see below. Using these integrations, you can capture or update a lead’s name, their company info, the webinar they attended, and create follow-on tickets.

Here are the full step-by-step instructions for integrating Zoom and here’s how it works for GoToMeeting.

To sum up, Zapier is a go-to tool for organizing all web apps into one place. It is indeed a tool that helps you “Marie Kondo” your data. If you think your closet is messy, think about your company’s data.

When you leave your data siloed and scattered across places, you’re wasting a lot of time finding the data you need when you come searching for it. Even more, you’re risking missing out on some valuable lead inquiries that might potentially end up as your customers. Realistically, getting all data into ConnectWise is not an easy task, but Zapier can help make your life easier.


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