A Website Rebuild Migrates Over 200 Pages to Transform an Outdated Site


The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) leveraged Pronto’s website design and development expertise to streamline a massive amount of content on their website.



MOFGA is a nonprofit organization that promotes organic agriculture through education, training, and advocacy in the New England area.


Too Much Content, Not Enough Time

Just like for-profit businesses, nonprofits also require a great website to further their cause. Unfortunately, many nonprofits must make do with little experience and with limited time, which makes supporting a website all the more difficult.

MOFGA needed their website to be simpler to navigate, but they also required reorganizing a vast database of content, simplifying the process for membership signups, and making the handling of donor registrations and merchandise sales more efficient.


Reorganizing Thousands of Images and Decades’ Worth of Articles

Pronto had to approach the project of fixing MOFGA’s website in a systematic fashion. A plan was created firstly to sort the site’s huge database, then redesign the layout to fit the thousands of images, articles, forms, and pages, and finally migrate everything to a far more SEO-friendly site structure.

Aside from creating a cleaner layout for all the content — with a more modern design that refreshed the MOFGA brand’s look and feel — there was the matter of accommodating all the features and functionality that are necessary to MOFGA’s business model.

We worked together with MOFGA to execute their vision of how signups, donations, and sales should work.

The Outcome

A Fresh Site Redesign with Optimized Images and Organized Content

Working together, Pronto and MOFGA produced a new website that showcases intuitive navigation, a fresher look, and ultimately a streamlined user experience.

“Pronto has exceeded all expectations I had for project management on this engagement.

The team has absolutely excelled in communication, demonstrated expertise around complex website challenges and requests, and has been a completely gracious and phenomenal collaborator throughout the process.”

Joshua Peskay
RoundTable Technology,
MOFGA Partner

MOFGA contacted Pronto looking to modernize their website and reorganize their content. After a website rebuild involving migrating over 200 pages and 3,000 articles, they now have a sleek, professional and user-friendly website that has completely transformed MOFGA’s online presence.


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