Pronto Marketing’s AI Policy

At Pronto Marketing, we’ve been deep-diving into the implications of AI and what it could mean for us as a vibrant digital marketing agency.
The bigger question? How it will redefine the way we handle your online campaigns.
pronto ai policy

Our Guiding Principles for AI

When it comes to the adoption of AI technologies, Pronto Marketing stands by 10 essential principles.

The main message? AI is an ally, not a substitute. While we harness AI to elevate the quality and value we offer our clients, human touch, creativity, and wisdom remain front and center.

  1. Responsible AI: We’re committed to the responsible design, advancement, deployment, and operation of AI technologies.
  2. Human oversight: Humans hold the reins of all decisions and actions, even those assisted by AI – we always keep a human touch involved.
  3. Human-centric approach: We adopt a human-centric approach to AI, ensuring it augments and empowers professional skills, not replace them.
  4. Value of human creativity: We acknowledge the indispensable role of human knowledge, experience, emotion, and imagination in creative endeavors. We’re excited to discover and promote emerging opportunities for creative professionals.
  5. Client value: We proactively investigate how AI technologies can deliver extra value for our clients.
  6. Continuous learning: We understand the necessity of continuous learning and adapting to leverage AI for more enriching careers and lives.
  7. Risk management: We recognize AI’s limitations and potential dangers and incorporate these considerations into all our decisions and actions.
  8. ​​Quality Control: We ensure that all AI systems undergo rigorous testing and quality control procedures before they are used in live campaigns.
  9. Flexibility: We remain flexible and adaptive to the fast-paced changes in AI technologies and their applications in the digital marketing industry.
  10. Future-ready: We invest in forward-thinking strategies and initiatives to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring our team and clients are prepared for the future of AI in digital marketing.

How Pronto Marketing Uses AI Today
[June - December 2023]

While we’re exploring AI technologies to boost efficiency and performance, our primary use cases at present are within digital marketing.

In line with our policy, all AI technology usage is human-guided and scrutinized in areas such as:

  • Content development tasks: Outlines, ideation, new concepts, summarization, research
  • Campaign ideation: market analysis, audience analysis
As we continue to explore and integrate AI, we remain committed to keeping our principles at the forefront, ensuring that our technology serves our clients responsibly, creatively, and effectively.

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