You (Probably) already have everything you need to launch a B2B marketing campaign


If you’re worried about how to make your manufacturing website impressive enough to convert prospects, this 3-minute video reveals the resources B2B customers are looking for, and how to spice them up. Best of all, they’re all documents manufacturing operations regularly update as standard operating procedure.



Video Transcription

One of the most common things we hear from manufacturers is that their businesses just aren’t that interesting to write about. It’s a big concern for them – they ask how you how can make metal stamping or pipe gaskets exciting? In reality though, manufacturers more often than not have everything they need to launch and run a successful digital marketing campaign. To help you out, let’s dive into what you might already have, that can be leveraged for success without a ton of additional marketing investment.

First, it helps to stop thinking of digital marketing as something that needs to be “exciting” or “interesting”. A good marketing campaigns, especially for industrial companies, rely on one important factor – your ability to answer questions and provide the information needed to help someone make a decision. That means examples, charts, and vital company data – the stuff prospects need to see before they can choose a new vendor. It’s this data that’ll put you head and shoulders above your competitors.

Let’s look at four of the things that you probably already have that can help you market your business:

  • First and foremost are PDFs of quality certifications. Up to date proof of ISO, ASME and BSI certifications, shipping class type approvals, and any other product or industry specific certifications you have. Prospects need to see these before they can even consider you as a vendor. Make it easy for them to vet your company and include you in their prospect list.
  • Next up are existing line cards and brochures of your products. Put a short, quick to fill out form in front of even these high level sales materials and you’ll generate leads that are interested in working with you.
  • CAD drawings are another resource that can generate sales. Engineers need these drawings to spec your parts for their designs – the easier you make it for them to find them, the better.
  • Other resources you probably already have are installation and compatibility guides. Whether it’s fluid compatibility and chemical resistance charts, or a straight installation guide for maintenance, these are extremely useful tools that can generate new leads.

You may not have all of these, but I’d bet that at least some of these are sitting in a folder on your desktop, or even as hard copies in your file room that can be scanned into PDF format.

Nothing above is that exciting, but every single one of them is a useful piece of content that the engineers, procurement managers, and MROs reviewing your company need to see if they’re going to work with you. Put them front and center and ask your prospects to provide a name and email address before downloading and you can generate a wealth of new leads who are interested in working with a company like yours.


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