Pronto Cancellation FAQ

We'll make the cancellation process as simple as possible

We will be processing your request and will cancel your Pronto services – website(s), blog(s) and any add-ons – on the requested date. You can always extend that date, just let us know a few days in advance. You can have a quick chat with our VP of business development or drop us a message if you have any question.

Once again, we’re sorry to see you go and it’s been our pleasure to serve you.

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No, you do not have a contract. However, you are bound by the Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up.

The date on your most recent invoice is your recurring monthly billing date.

Pronto services are paid one month in advance. If you selected the option to cancel effective as of your billing date, your website will be deactivated on that date in the next month. For example, if you cancel on May 10th, your website will be deactivated on June 10th.

It depends. In most cases yes, add-on subscriptions will be canceled as well unless we have specific instructions otherwise. If you have subscriptions for multiple websites, we will only cancel the website you requested. If you have questions or special requirements, be sure to let the Pronto team know.

If you change your mind after submitting a cancellation request, we can reactivate your website with payment of your normal monthly subscription.

Yes, we have three options for backups:

  1. Content Export (free) – This includes website content such as copy, images, white papers, and blog posts, but does not include our WordPress theme, plugins, database, or web code.
  2. Full Backup file ($499) – This includes all content, PLUS our WordPress theme, plugins, database, and web code.
  3. Full Backup with complete migration ($1999) – This includes everything from option 2, PLUS a dedicated engineer to help you get set up on your new host.


  • This service is free if you are on our Elementor platform.
  • Licenses and some Pronto-specific plugins will be removed.
  • Backups do not include videos, which are hosted separately from the site.

Why do we charge a fee?

We manage thousands of sites in a multi-site environment, meaning all sites live on the same server and database. Extracting your site from this shared environment requires time and labor from our engineers.


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