IT Firm Boosts Organic Traffic by 300% with GMB+ in 2023

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In a bid to enhance their online visibility and improve their rankings, Endsight turned to our GMB management services. The IT firm saw a significant increase in organic traffic and improved rankings for their targeted keywords.

Organic Traffic Increase in 2023
Page 1 Ranking for “IT Services San Diego”
Domain Rating


Established in 1996, Endsight is a San Diego-based IT solutions and services company offering a broad spectrum of services to businesses of all sizes. Their offerings include Managed IT services, IT support, Cloud computing, and Cybersecurity.

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Inconsistent Rankings and Limited Visibility in Local Search Results

In early 2023, Endsight identified a need to improve their search visibility in the competitive San Diego, CA market. Despite offering a wide range of IT services, they were struggling to maintain consistent rankings for their targeted keywords “IT support San Diego” and “IT services San Diego,” often appearing around page 3 of search results.

Eager to improve their organic results and reduce their reliance on paid ads, Endsight signed up for our GMB+ management service.

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Before signing up with Pronto, Endsight was getting well under 100 organic visits per month to their site.

“We're now consistently ranking on page 1 for our targeted keywords, and it's all thanks to Pronto's expertise.”

Steven Goellnitz
Steven Goellnitz
Account Executive

Comprehensive GMB Management and SEO Optimization

Our team developed a comprehensive local SEO strategy for Endsight, focusing on the most effective keywords to boost their site’s rank. We conducted extensive keyword research and competitor analysis within the San Diego area.

We targeted high-ROI keywords “IT Support San Diego” and “IT Services San Diego,” optimizing their Managed IT Services page and homepage for these terms. We also conducted a thorough audit of the page for technical errors, ensuring an exceptional browsing experience for users.

Finally, we launched a robust outreach campaign to secure backlinks for the targeted pages, significantly boosting the website’s authority and its ability to rank.

“Pronto's team didn't just deliver results - they walked us through the process, ensuring we understood every step of the way. Their commitment to transparency and clear communication made the entire experience seamless.”

Steven Goellnitz
Steven Goellnitz
Account Executive
The Outcome

Increased Organic Traffic and Improved Rankings

Our efforts yielded impressive results. Endsight saw a 300% increase in organic traffic and secured page 1 rankings for “IT Services San Diego” (position 3) and “IT Support San Diego” (position 7). Their Domain Rating also increased by 55% (from 9 to 14).

In addition to these improvements, Endsight’s keyword position for “IT Services San Diego” became consistent.

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They also experienced a dramatic increase in call leads from GMB over the last three months.

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“Since we started working with Pronto, our call leads from GMB have dramatically increased. Their GMB Management service has truly transformed our online visibility and positioned us as a leader in our market.”

Steven Goellnitz
Steven Goellnitz
Account Executive
Endsight’s decision to leverage our GMB management service has significantly enhanced their online visibility and improved their rankings.  With a 300% increase in Organic Traffic and 95 leads generated from GMB traffic between February and April 2023, Endsight is now enjoying the benefits of a robust online presence.
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