Globally optimized infrastructure

Pronto’s world-class infrastructure is built to scale no matter how much traffic your site receives. Our cloud-based platform serves millions of pageviews per month, using the latest technologies for speed and reliability to make sure your website is constantly available and delivered to your visitors - fast.


Pronto sites are fast

Our platform is optimized for speed at every level, using enterprise grade technologies for the fastest load times.


Globally optimized

Nearly all website files are delivered from a global CDN network with 50+ edge locations serving content from your visitors’ nearest location.


No traffic limits

Most website hosts charge you based on traffic. Not us: traffic is unlimited on our platform. We scale with you no matter how many visitors you bring in.


Continuous performance optimization

Our infrastructure team is continuously monitoring performance and investing time and resources into making our client websites even faster and more secure.

Live Platform Traffic


Platform uptime over the last 12 months
View our public status page and uptime history.

High availability & security

To ensure your website’s secure and always available, we use state-of-the-art redundant server clusters in fully managed data centers across multiple locations. This allows us to provide near 100% uptime. All servers and data operate in a private cloud behind a constantly maintained firewall with multiple layers of security and access control. Translation: we’re on top of it.


Multiple data centers

All layers of our platform are replicated across multiple physical locations for resilience, which means your website’s still operational in the event of a disaster.


Security: Private cloud

We take security seriously. Our platform is hosted in a private cloud configuration using multiple layers of access control with strict policies for the most secure environment possible.


Smart redundancy

At every platform application layer we have redundancy to ensure an operational system. Full redundancy means that our platform is reliable and resilient to disasters. We even have failover protocols in place in the highly unlikely event our redundancy protocol fails.


Always up to date

Our team takes care of all WordPress, operating system and application updates to ensure we have stable versions running with the latest security patches. Our server infrastructure and applications are fully managed and continuously updated. You don’t even need to ask - it just happens.

Infrastructure partners

  • Amazon Web Service
  • Varnish Cache
  • Nginx
  • Wordpress
  • New Relic
  • Mandrill

Frequently asked questions

Which data center provider hosts pronto's platform?

Our hosting provider is Amazon Web Services, an industry leader that hosts some of the largest applications on the Internet today.

Where are your servers located?

We have 4 Regional Caching Node locations positioned around the globe in North America, Europe, and Australia. Our primary datacenter is in Dublin, Ireland. Read more.

Why WordPress?

We chose to build the Pronto platform on the popular open source CMS WordPress which powers more than 20% of all websites on the Internet. WordPress provides a great framework for Pronto to build high-performing websites that look great and are easy to navigate. WordPress is also a great framework for our development team to build tools that enable you to manage your marketing initiatives.

What’s your uptime?

We have an exceptional uptime record and boast 100% uptime most months - see for yourself on our platform status page. Our platform is continuously monitored and our infrastructure team is on call 24x7 for support to ensure that if there’s a disruption it’s quickly resolved. For more info subscribe to our Operations Blog.

What security policies do you have?

Security is something we take very seriously with our platform. We’re hosted in a private Cloud behind a continuously maintained firewall and we keep all of our OS and application versions up to date with the latest security patches. We also have dynamic IP blocking, SSL administration, strong password policies, and key file system monitoring for threat detection. Read More.

Is my website backed up?

It sure is! We perform full system backups every day to ensure that we have the data needed to perform a complete restoration in the unlikely event of a disaster. Read More.