The Club at the Township

Inviting Visitors to Join an Exclusive Fitness Experience

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The Club at the Township is a health and fitness facility based in Jackson, Mississippi, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a wide range of activities and sports for an all-inclusive fitness experience.

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Inspiring Virtual Tour

An interactive virtual tour of The Club on the homepage, allowing visitors an immersive walkthrough of the site and a guide to the layout and facilities of the fitness center from the comfort of their living room.

“Thanks to Pronto, our new virtual tour is easy to use and a fantastic way to show our resources and equipment to website visitors. It looks impressive and engages visitors and members alike!”

Stephanie Strachan
Stephanie Strachan
General Manager
theclub in depth service

In-Depth Service and Amenities Guide

On the homepage we created a menu of The Club’s facilities and classes. Attractive clickable hover graphics take visitors to pages which give them an idea of what is in store for their workout routine. The easy-to navigate layout makes sure potential clients know exactly what they are getting with their experience at this fitness center.

“Pronto worked very hard to create a website that showcased all that The Club at the Township has to offer. We are very happy with the job they have done for us.”

Stephanie Strachan
Stephanie Strachan
General Manager
theclub free 3 day trial

Free Trial Membership Offer

“Try before you buy” is a fantastic method of swaying potential clients, which is why we placed a call to action at the top of the homepage offering a free 3-day trial membership.

The Club contacted Pronto with a website redesign in mind that showcased the luxurious facilities and top quality training they provide to members. With a new website highlighting their full range of amenities and classes, and that is both simple and easy to navigate, visitors to The Club’s site can rest assured that they have found the most exclusive health and fitness center in the area.

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