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All New Ready-to-Go MSP EBook Service


MSPs can turn their websites into robust lead-generation tools by offering free educational eBooks to visitors. In exchange for completing a simple signup form, you’ll reward them with an easy-to-read booklet that’s fashioned for your products and services.

And it’s easier than it seems, thanks to Pronto Marketing’s Ready-to-Go MSP eBook program -- our valuable new service that creates and promotes your very own quarterly eBook. Watch the short video, then sign up today!

Video Transcription

Hi everyone, Tim here with an exciting new service we're offering just for MSPs. We often tell our clients that one of the best ways that they can collect lead information on their website is by offering an educational eBook in exchange for their visitor's contact information. The problem with this is that creating and promoting your own eBook can be very time consuming and very expensive.

So let us take care of it for you, with our ready-to-go MSP eBook service. In this program you'll receive an eBook customized for your business; as well as a new landing page on your website and updates across your site to help draw attention to it. On top of that, we'll send out two e-mail campaigns promoting your eBook. If you're already using our newsletter, social media, or retargeting services, our teams will coordinate to promote it through those channels, as well.

Then, every three months we'll repeat this process for you, giving you a new eBook, a new landing page, and a new set of promotional campaigns. The best part of all this is that it only costs $129 per month. So sign up today, and turn your website into a lead collection tool.

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