Ready-to-Go MSP eBooks

Branded marketing collateral for capturing new leads

So you've started driving visitors to your website, but what happens next? They might not be ready to pick up the phone just yet. If they leave your website, odds are that they’ll be lost to you forever. That’s where your branded eBook comes in!

By offering an educational eBook, your visitors get helpful information in exchange for their contact details, which you can use to ease them through your sales funnel.

Every 3 months, Ready-to-Go MSP eBook subscribers receive:

  • A new eBook customized to match their brand
  • A new landing page to go along with that eBook
  • On-site graphics to draw attention to your landing page
  • Email announcements to promote your latest eBook to your target audience

Elizabeth Vincent

Alexssa Enterprises, Ltd.

"We have had great leads come from the MSP eBooks. Thanks!"

Your Branded eBook

The eBook we create for you will educate your prospects on crucial aspects of your business and establish you as an industry expert, with topics ranging from managed services to cloud solutions.

You can download an example of our eBooks here.


Lead Capture Landing Page

In order to download your eBook, your prospects will be directed to a landing page that summarizes the eBook and entices them to enter their contact information into a form so you always have opportunities to generate fresh leads.


Website Updates

We’ll place content and graphics throughout your website that direct visitors to your landing page, giving all your visitors opportunities to submit their contact information and download your latest eBook regardless of where they are on the site.


Email Campaigns

Once your latest eBook has been published on your website, we’ll prepare two email campaigns for you. With your approval, we'll send them out so you can promote the content to your email list and re-engage prospects that have gone cold.


Get started today

Every three months, you'll receive a new branded eBook, landing page, homepage element, and email campaigns. This ensures you're consistently creating fresh opportunities to connect with your prospects and push them further into your sales funnel.

It's all managed by MSP marketing experts for just $129/month.