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At a glance: EB Color Consultants

EB Color Consultants specializes in providing architectural color consulting services to homeowners and businesses in the greater Seattle region. By working with Pronto, they successfully realized the value of Internet Presence through a cost-effective, pleasurable process.

The story

“Color makes sense to me…It’s how I relate to the world.”
Elizabeth Brown, Founder and Principal Designer

Elizabeth Brown has always been an artist, a seeker, curious about the world and everything in it. Her childhood, her educational pursuits and her career moves have always revolved around her love of color. And though her life has taken her in diverse directions, it has enabled her to develop the skills needed to specialize in the field she now calls home.

What does she do?


That’s right. It’s that simple, yet so extraordinarily complex.

Elizabeth Brown is a Color Consultant. She believes in color as a means to transform reality. “Most people don’t realize this, but color affects our daily lives dramatically. It can influence our mood, our thoughts and our actions,” she explained.

As an Architectural Color Consultant, Brown helps people select the right colors for their homes and businesses – colors that reflect the true nature of the people who dwell there. And it is this creative vision that drives the continual engines of her business, EB Color Consultants, every day.

Launched in 2007, EB Color Consultants provides architectural color consulting services for homeowners and businesses in the greater Seattle region. As the Founder and Principal Designer, Brown melds her artistic sensibilities, years of experience, and formal design education to provide expert color direction and exceptional customer service.

“It goes without saying how much I love my job and my business. How lucky I am to use my God given talents and get paid for it! Every consultation is unique and every client is a new puzzle, a new portrait to discover. My customers are lovely and I find myself in all different sorts of homes and businesses. Each job feels like a mini road trip. And since I’m a girl that needs to be moving most of the time, this is ideal”.

The inspirations

“Nature, soul searching, life experience, a lot of work with people from all over the spectrum” are just a few of the ways Brown stays inspired. “And it sure helps to be naturally attuned or brain wired for the process,” she adds. But as a business owner, Brown also identifies the importance of listening to the client as a vital ingredient for success.

“‘How do you want to feel?’ As a Color Consultant, that’s the first question I ask my clients. Once I know that, I can start using color to support it. Color is a sensory perception and everybody has their own unique relationship with it. During our collaboration to develop their color palette, I intuitively draw out of them the colors they desire.”

Professionally speaking, Brown has a Certificate in Interior Architecture and Design from U.C. Berkeley, Extension, San Francisco, CA. Though her program of study was geared more towards large commercial projects, her style is more personal and individual. “I took my extensive training and honed my expertise towards smaller projects and more personalized endeavors,” as she puts it. She furthered her color education with training through The International Association of Color Consultants, an organization that focuses on the human response to color in the built environment.

Today, EB Color continues to grow and thrive with hundreds of loyal customers who call on Brown to create a space that is uniquely theirs. This is because she understands color, and she understands people. “Many people cannot visualize a space or see color, many are overwhelmed and some just don’t have a clue! I help them to corral their ideas, discover what they want, and make it work. It’s very personal and very fun.”

Pronto as a partner

EB Color has been a customer of Pronto since 2011.

When asked how Pronto has helped her business, Brown said, “Huge! My business has been growing every year as I earn referrals and repeat business, but after I signed up with Pronto in August of 2011, I took my business to a whole new level.”

She further added, “With the implementation of their effectual SEO, the phone started to ring at an accelerated rate. I’m always on top in the Google rankings for my category. The professional website they custom designed for me really showcases my portfolio which is essential in my type of business. I’ve had many clients say it was my website that was the clincher to call me.”

How has your experience with Pronto been?

“I have to say, it’s been nothing short of amazing. The support team is prompt, courteous, and thorough with their follow-up with each of my requests.”

Would you recommend Pronto to others?

“Yes! Pronto opened doors for me and helped me reach clients that I wouldn’t have met and worked with otherwise.”

Elizabeth Brown

When she’s not turning houses into beautiful homes, Brown loves to frequent her seaside cottage on the Puget Sound where she enjoys gardening and puttering. She says it provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Known as Liz to those near and dear to her, Brown is also an avid painter. She paints pictures as a hobby and takes them to market in her Etsy Shop.


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