3 Great Nonprofit Website Designs

3 Great Nonprofit Website Designs

In this showcase, we’ll be taking a look at some of the Nonprofit Websites Pronto has created for some of our NPO clients. These websites are different from those built for businesses, so they create unique challenges our teams enjoy meeting.

First up is a website for an El Paso area organization that clothes children in need, then we have an NPO in Ohio supporting people with disabilities, and finally we’ll look at a website for an NPO that is dedicated to helping other NPOs in New York succeed. 

Let’s get to it!

1. Operation Noel

Nonprofit Websites

This NPO has been providing winter coats and other essential clothing for children in need around the El Paso and Las Cruces Borderland Area. As Operation Noel contracts with suppliers and manufacturers to make new coats for children instead of collecting secondhand ones, monetary donations are of utmost importance. 

To aid with their collection efforts, Pronto implemented donation CTAs (or “Calls to Action,” which are standalone links to other parts of the website). These features are powered by Woocomerce and streamline the donation process, eliminating the need to send a visitor to a third-party site. Instead, the potential donor can simply go straight to check out, and easily make an instant donation. This helps Operation Noel immensely because, as any NPO will tell you, the easier it is to donate, the more people will do it, and vice versa.

"Quick service. You have been a great help!" - Operation Noel via Simplesat

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2. The Ability Center

Nonprofit Websites

For over 100 years, the Ability Center has been supporting people with disabilities in the Toledo area of northwest Ohio and helping them live more independent lives. They provide resources, community events, advocacy, volunteer opportunities, and more. Unlike the previous nonprofit website, this one had to be much more complex because the client’s scope of work is much broader. 

To ensure visitors would not get lost or frustrated, Pronto’s design team worked hard tweaking and refining the layout and user interface of the Ability Center’s website to make it easier to navigate. We know an organization’s reputation is of key importance in the NPO sector, so we also implemented a variety of plugins and other under-the-hood improvements to give the site more functionality and highlight the client’s professionalism. 

"Amazing support and fast responses!" - The Ability Center via Simplesat

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3. Nonprofit New York

Nonprofit Websites

A self-described “relentless, collective force for good,” Nonprofit New York is an NPO that provides training, resources, networking, and guidance for NPOs of all shapes, sizes, and causes. This client came to us to migrate their existing website and wanted to largely preserve the layout and copy of their old website. We were happy to oblige, but when it became clear that we could increase the site’s functionality, reliability, and ease of navigation, Pronto replicated it from the ground up.

This allowed us to uphold the original look and feel of the site while implementing a variety of improvements behind the scenes. For example, FooEvents, an extension of WooCommerce, makes it much easier to plan, manage, and accept bookings for a large number of events, something Nonprofit New York desperately needed. Our team is proud of implementing this and many other improvements to the site without changing the client’s original vision.

"Thorough, fast, and patient. Always great work!" - Nonprofit New York via Simplesat

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It’s the Future Now, Everyone Needs a Good Website

Pronto may be well known for making tech business websites, but we also have an excellent track record helping NPOs drive donations, raise awareness, and increase efficiency with well-crafted websites. If you’re looking for ways to increase your NPO’s ability to further its cause, consider a customized, cutting-edge new (or improved) website from Pronto.

Thanks for checking out our Nonprofit Websites.

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