Want to know more about the onsite optimization tactics that we implement on your site? In this short 6 minutes video, we briefly explain the initial SEO setup included in your website package and strategies to help you improve your keyword rankings and grow your website traffic.


What SEO strategies are included in my website package?
We include on-the-page SEO tactics with your website package including keyword research, local optimization, on-the-page content and backend tactics that allows your site to be indexed by search engines.

Additional SEO Services
On-the-Page SEO and keyword research is only one part of the picture. To help you grow backlinks to your site, we offer
Link Building for SEO plans.

How does AdWords differ from SEO search terms?
The search terms that drive traffic from your AdWords campaign aren’t really that different from the search terms driving organic search traffic to your site. All of them are coming from people who are going to Google, typing in their search term, and clicking a link to your site.

The difference is that with AdWords you’re directly paying for each of those clicks. With SEO, your site needs to be ranking highly in the organic results from that search term in order to receive clicks. We offer a Google Ads Management service for AdWords.

In the Google Ads service, we manage your campaign in the full version of the AdWords platform. This gives us strategic control of features like keyword targeting, bidding strategies, ad variation testing, negative keywords, and more.


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