SMB Website Reseller Success Story: Interview with 360IT Partners


Ever since we started working with MSPs, happy clients have asked us if they could resell our website service to their own clients.

We’ve now been running a reseller program for quite some years now. We’ve tried different compensation models, but generally we’ve always tried to make it as simple as possible to become a reseller and start getting commissions right away.

For every client that you send our way, you get a hefty one-time bonus. Once you have three active clients, you get an extra $50/m recurring commission as long as the client stays active.

One of our long term clients and top reseller, 360IT Partners now counts 20 active clients! To help you understand how they managed to become so successful at reselling Pronto websites, we asked 360IT’s CEO, Martin Joseph, advice on turning these commissions into a profitable endeavor.

  1. What’s the two-minute elevator pitch for your business?
  2. Are you happy with your business’s website? If not, I know about a company that will build an incredible site that will drive business to you for a fraction of what it would cost to build a new website from scratch.

  3. Why did you choose to become a Pronto Reseller?
  4. When I saw how easy it was to set up my Pronto Website I was very impressed. Then when my page started converting qualified leads, I was thrilled. It was a no brainer for me to become a reseller, because Pronto consistently delivers on its promises.

  5. How does Pronto’s Reseller Program help your business?
  6. We have built a very nice annuity income that is extremely sticky; there is no additional action for me or my staff once the referral becomes a Pronto client.

  7. What’s your secret for reselling Pronto?
  8. Simply by mentioning that we offer website development to our clients. Also incentivizing my staff to recommend Pronto by giving them a healthy cut.

  9. What challenges have you faced when selling Pronto and how have you overcome them?
  10. Explaining to the prospect that they need to have a champion on their team that will take the time to upload information to the Pronto Team and approving designs and copyright.

  11. Do you find that reselling Pronto increases your customer retention? If so, why?
  12. Even if we were to lose a client, we would keep getting paid a residual from Pronto.

  13. What would you say to other businesses that might be facing the same challenges you did?
  14. I would insist that they go through the process of having a Pronto website built for their company, so they can “eat the dog food” before they sell it. It will be easy to sell it once you have been through the process. It’s pretty cool.

  15. What have you learned from working with us?
  16. We have had a relationship with Pronto for 7 years now and I’ve learned that Pronto has integrity and is truly interested in the success of their partners. I have never once regretted referring Pronto Marketing.

If you haven’t signed up for our reseller program, you can do so here at any time. While a majority of our resellers are IT Consultants, MSPs or VARs, we also partner with Strategy, Marketing and Sales consultants looking to spend less time on website implementation in order to focus on higher end services.


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